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Snowmobiler Having A Bad Day

Are you having a bad day today? Well it can't be as bad as the person in this next video. So check this out and have a little chuckle at someone else's expense, and be thankful this isn't you. If you're the person or persons in this video, well send me an email so I can give you credit, maybe I can find some other video for you to see. Mountain: 1... Snowmobiler: 0 Via - The Awesomer By: Mass

Released To Video

By: Mass Biutiful Nightmare in Las Cruces Cross Drive Angry Imax: Hubble Passion Play Psych: The Complete Fifth Season David Byrne: Ride Rise Roar Rookie Blue: The Complete First Season SGU: Stargate Universe - The Complete Final Season True Blood: The Complete Third Season Waiting City

Marriage Proposal #2

Here's another great wedding proposal caught on camera (you can find the first one here ). Now this might be old by now, since it lit up so many websites last week, so if you've already watched it, heck watch it again. If you haven't seen this well here you go... Via - TechEBlog By: Mass

The Candy Pen

Dave Hakken is a design student who, like myself, would often find himself chewing on the tops of pens as he studied. In all fairness though, it's been a long time since I found myself studying, or munching on pen tops. For me, it was a time before antibacterial lotions and germs weren't so feared. Suffering from this chewing addiction, Dave took it upon himself to solve this problem, thus leading to the creation of the Candy Pen . With all the advances in electronic devices I doubt we will ever find a need for pens like this in the future, but it would definitely be cool, so I wish Dave all the luck in bringing these to market.   For those interested in seeing the evolution of this creation, from conception to final product then continue reading... Via - LikeCool By: Mass

World's Best Tricks

Todays second Parkour/Freerunning video is called 'World's Best Tricks Volume IV' and came out in March of this year (2011). It's a great compilation video, mad props to all those featured in the video and Giulio Calisse for editing it. Well done... Via - The Awesomer By: Mass

Freerunning World Mix 2010

Today's first video, is one that I almost forgot all about. It's a compilation of the best parkour/free-running videos clips from 2010. The clip is titled 'This Is Freerunning - World Mix (2010)' and it's pretty impressive. Have a look... Via - Snotr By: Mass


Got a few great Parkour/Freerunning videos today, check them out as they get posted... By: Mass

Ad: G-Shock

For 25 years Casio 's G-Shock line of timepieces have symbolized toughness and shock resistance. Todays more modern versions have evolved in technology, sophistication, and styling. Offering solar rechargeable battery technology, accurate atomic timekeeping, and a wide array of colors and styles. If anyone out there wants to send me one (psstt... Casio, hint..hint) here's my favorite. In pursuits of keeping it rad after 25 years, G-Shock has produced this commercial video featuring pro BMX rider, and G-Shock athlete  Nigel Sylvester . Via - Highsnobiety By: Mass

Ad: Magazine Luiza

Ahhh...The feeling of sitting back and enjoying a movie at home. Curled up on you're comfy couch, munching on some popcorn. I can't think of a better way to promote buying a new comfortable couch, than to offer customers bags of popcorn. Well it seems that's also what Brazilian retail store Magazine Luiza had in mind to promote their 30% off sofa week. With help from advertising agency  Ogilvy (Brazil) , bags of microwave popcorn were sent out by mail to customers. These bags of microwave popping corn, during popping would transform into little  sofa's, with the slogan 'Enjoy your movies more comfortably. 30% OFF on Magazine Luiza Sofa Week'. Thus the Popcorn Sofa campaign was underway. Via - Ads of the World™ By: Mass

Ad: Friskies

While using apps for advertising isn't a new concept, catering an iPad app to cats just might be the first one out there. Knowing that many Mass-IMO followers are also avid pet lovers, I couldn't help but to submit this ad. Developed by Friskies , you have to see it to believe it, so have a look. If you're interested in finding out more hit this link . Via - Ads of the World™ By: Mass

TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000

TAG Heuer is best known the world over for making some of the most accurate timepieces available to man. Since the early 1900's Tag Heuer has pioneered chronograph technology, resulting in numerous partnerships with automobile sports leaders such as Formula 1, Ferrari, Mclaren and a multitude of legendary drivers along the way. Although only a concept, their latest development the ' TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000 ' brings chronograph technology to the next evolutionary stage, by creating a timepiece capable of measuring 1/1000 of a second.  That's all good and well, but I'm more impressed with the cool color scheme, but the video does look impressive as well ... Via - ExtraVaganzi Via - Bornrich By: Mass

New Movie Releases

By: Mass Tuesday, After Christmas Release Date: May 25, 2011 (NY) Studio: Lorber Films Director: Radu Muntean Screenwriter: Alexandru Baciu, Razvan Radulescu, Radu Muntean Starring: Mimi Branescu, Mirela Oprisor, Maria Popistasu Genre: Drama MPAA Rating: Not Available Plot Summary: An elegant, emotionally resonant drama of a middle-class couple whose 10-year marriage is rocked by the husband's illicit affair with their daughter's sexy dentist. In many respects it's an oft-told tale: Paul must choose between the easy rapport and stability of his family life and the uncertainty and excitement of a relationship with a much younger woman. In scorchingly intense long takes, the power dynamics among these three are unpredictable and, in the end, devastating. The fact that the two leads are actually a married couple adds to the verisimilitude.  The Hangover Part II Release Date: May 26, 2011 Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures Director: Todd Phillips Screenwriter: Scot Armstrong, Todd P