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Ad: Nescafé

Nescafé would like to promote their single-serve coffee system, teamed with ad agency Marcus Thomas, they came up with a Facebook app. The app will allow you to be the barista by taking a photo and morphing it into a latte, then uploading it into your Facebook photos. Kind of a lame, and dated marketing scheme, but I'm writing about it so I guess it sort of worked. Those of you who want to see the original old (when I had hair) picture of me, used to make the above latte, then keep reading...


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Longboarding With Team Original

Love this video, makes longboarding look like so much fun. Do they rent longboards? Are there areas to longboard here in BC? Gonna have to find out and finally give this sport a try. Until then I'll have to keep watching this video... Via - LikeCool By: Mass

Blogger Has Died

Dear friends, fans, and followers. For the past few months my blog has been overrun with errors, making changes very difficult (if not impossible). On numerous occasions I've attempted to reset my blogger template, install a new templates, and even restore from an older version but I'm still unable to add or remove specific content from my blogs template. The initial problematic area was the blog post section which refuses to accept any changes or alterations to the date, author, title or social media links. I have suffered through this problem, but as of late it appears that the layout is now no longer accepting changes, and when displayed is no longer centered. If anyone has suggestions on how to fix these blogger issues, please email me. As a result, I will no longer be updating, as its too difficult maintain this blog.

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