Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Espresso Gun

This new revolutionary approach to coffee making comes to us from creativeDNAaustria. Design students Nikolaus SchwarzStefan RiegebauerFlorian Kainz, and CMY Carli have created a concept coffee maker in the shape of a gun. The design named 'Il Tiro', which loosely translated means 'the shot', looks to create a product to reduce the waste associated with single serving pod-style coffee machines. Pod-style single serving coffee makers are becoming increasingly popular the world over, the downside to this new phenomenon is the waste product used in creating the actual pods. Il Tiro uses a docking station to reload the gun shaped dispenser, with reusable cartridges instead of using pods. If you're having a hard time understanding what I'm trying to say, well fortunately I have a video to demonstrate...


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