Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HDBaseT Update: 5Play

A while back I posted an article describing, what I believed, is technology being developed today that would revolutionize our future. Since I've gone ahead and made such bold statements, I figured I might as well start documenting some of the advances technology has made since my initial introduction.

In my original article, HDBaseT was being developed as an alternative means of providing High Definition Audio/Video inter-connectivity between devices via standard Cat5 cabling. Since my article, it seems that providing HD A/V over Cat5 cabling simply wasn't revolutionary enough, so the people over at HDBaseT came up with 5Play.

5Play is the convergence of 1). Uncompressed High Definition Video 2). Uncompressed High Definition Audio 3). 100BaseT Ethernet 4). Power Over Cable 5). Various Control Signals into a standardized protocol.

So what does that mean? Well you can now use Cat5 cable to transfer High Definition Audio/Video, but you can also send full internet signals, as well as power, and remote control functions. So now instead of having to have video, stereo, internet, power, and remote control cable and wires everywhere, they'll all be replace by one internet cable. Pretty cool concept, if they can pull it off...oh yeah, they have check it out...

Now seriously, how cool is that? No more looking for electrical jacks, makes for a very exciting future.


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