Monday, June 20, 2011

XBOX360 Kinect Part 1

I recently purchased the Kinect, motion control input device for my dust collecting XBOX360. I'm not much into console gaming any more, but since we've been having such miserable weather this year, I was willing to try anything, in the hopes of becoming more active. Now I actually enjoy using the Kinect and find myself using it far more than I had anticipated. The problem I'm finding, is that while the Kinect works well while I'm playing by myself, my entertainment room is too small to accommodate multiple players simultaneously. Well the people over at NYKO have come up with a rather clever solution for those of us who are spatially challenged. It's called Zoom Kinect, and it does exactly what it's name implies, it zooms in by using a set of lens that fit over the Kinect module. Once installed the lens work in the same manner as glasses, in that they readjust the field of vision allowing for much better motion detecting at closer distances. Unfortunately we're all going to have to wait until August 16, to get our hands on this gizmo, as well as heft out $29.99(US).   


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