Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Limited Edition Ice Cognac

Ice Cognac, by ABK6 Cognac, is specially formulated to be savoured on ice. This cognac has been specially prepared to develop progressively, highlighting distinct aromas via the contact with both ice and water.

Produced in the hillsides of Claix, France, near Grenoble, Ice Cognac is described as a flavor journey that will take the drinker through aromas of white peach, lemon sorbet and iced mint as the temperature of the elixir drops.

I would really like to try this out, unfortunately I wasn't able to find any vendors in the 604 area code. So if anyone can find this locally, email me, or leave a comment. I did find it available online, with a price of  37(Euro) a bottle, this Limited Edition Ice Cognac can be purchased directly from here. 


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