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Gigabyte Sucks

I'm sure many might be wondering what Gigabyte has done to get on my bad side, and the problem here isn't what they've done, it's more what they refuse to do... 
It all started about a month ago, when I was updating the computers in my office. I was moving from a dual core computer to a quad core computer, and was thinking... this old dual core still has a few good mile left. So, rather than retiring it to the land fill, I contemplated re-purposing it. Hmmm, what are my options... I could upgrade my arcade machine (yawn!), create a Linux backup server (better), or create a (H)ome (T)heatre (P)ersonal (C)omputer (now that would be cool). I'm already running a 7 terabyte windows home server, so as much as I would love toying with a Linux (AMAHI) server, I doubt it would get much use. A HTPC would be a somewhat challenging project, and would definitely be used more than a Linux server, and so the decision was made!
First off I already knew from past experiences, that if I was ever going to build a HTPC, it had to be able to run XBMC. My old dual core just didn't have a powerful enough on-board graphics processor to pull off 1080p. So it needed to get upgraded and there were a few options out there. Gigabyte was offering $10 rebate on their already inexpensive Geforce210, so this made my decision making simple.
Unfortunately the graphics card I was purchasing was back-ordered, so I was going to have to wait a few more days before finishing up the build. After the few days had past, I went to my local computer retailer to get my graphics card, as I've done many times before upon claiming my product I had to submit my original receipt as proof of purchase, and the retailer then issued me a copy that I could use for the rebate.
Time was running out to get my rebate in, so I put all the necessary documentation together (receipt copy, proof of purchase from box, and signed rebate claim) and mailed it to Gigabyte. A week went by and I received this email from Gigabyte

Dear ******* ********, 
Your Rebate was not approved for the following reason(s) 
- No proof of purchase date in documentation 
Our decision to not approve your rebate claim was based upon examination of the documents that we received from you. If you wish to view all documentation you may simply click on this link 1G6&trackingnumber=1019186745684667 
However, the rebates sponsoring manufacture/reseller has authorized us to offer you one additional opportunity to re-apply for this rebate claim. There is only one exception to re-applying, and that is, if your rebate claim was denied due to being outside of the allowable time frame, then unfortunately you are not eligible to re-apply. For those of you that are eligible to re-apply, kindly follow the following steps: 
2 - Once you complete Step #1, simply reprint and sign your rebate application from the Rebate Status page by clicking on the link that reads "Print Your Rebate". 
3 - Include any missing documentation and/or information that we have listed above as the reason(s) for your claim being denied. 
4 - Send your printed rebate along with all required documentation to the PO Box address indicated on the rebate application. For your convenience the rebate application contains a mailing label with the preprinted address. 
5 - In order for your claim to be re-considered, you must to re-apply within 30 days from the date that your original rebate application was declined. 
6 - For all customer service inquiries, please call:800-286-9146 Mon. - Fri. 9-6 pm (EST) or send an email to: 

E-mail Address: ****************  
Rebate Tracking Number: 1019186745684667 
Rebate Offer: GIG-5826 
Rebate Item : GIGABYTE GV-N210OC-512I Video Card 
Rebate Item UPC number(s) : 818313008978 
Rebate Award: $10.00 
Service level Basic: $0.00 
Final Award: $10.00 

Thank you for using!

So I responded with this email:

Dear Gigabyte Customer Service:
I'm upset to learn that I've been denied my rebate claim, as I've submitted everything I was asked to submit. Since the video card was backordered, I had to give the original receipt to the retailer when I picked up the video card, they in turn issued me a copy, which is the one I submitted for the rebate. I do not have any other documentation relating to this purchase, so it would seem I've been unfairly denied.
If you feel that this response is unsatisafactory to awarding me, what I believe is my do claim, then I feel I will have learned a lesson that has a value in excess of this $10.00 rebate.

Thank you Gigabyte
******* ********

Here is the auto-response email I received from Gigabyte

We have received your email message with the subject: 

     Re: Rebate Status for Claim # 1019186745684667

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and as such, we will respond to your email, answering any and all questions within the next 2 business days 
Thank you. 


So It's been over a week and I have received no follow-up emails. So much for their "responding within the next 2 business days". Like I mentioned in my response email, the $10 rebate was the deciding factor in my choosing Gigabyte over its competitors.
Knowing how Gigabyte has negated on their offer and failed to respond, I'm confident I will never purchase a Gigabyte product ever again. I know this sounds like a bold statement, but with so much competition in the computer industry, I'm sure I can find a better manufacturer to promote and patronize.

As for the HTPC build, it's coming along quite nicely. Just having some difficulties configuring remote control codes, but looks promising


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