Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

 With Halloween coming to an end, well soon enough anyways, we're left with a few thoughts to ponder. 
The first most obvious is...

What do I do with all this left over candy?

LOL (Get fat people!)
No, no, I'm sure left over candy is not much of a problem.

I'm talking about those pumpkins? So, if you're pumpkin has survived Halloween night without being stolen or smashed to pieces by punk a*s kids, then you're probably thinking about throwing it out.  Before you do that, why not consider putting it to good use by composting. If composting isn't for you, I'm sure you won't have to go far to find local communities willing to help out. Just do a quick GOOGLE search for 'Pumpkin Recycling' and see what's available for your area.


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