Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Watch

Now I'm sure everyone is thinking, Mass, we've all seen this before, an iPod attached to a watch strap. Yawn how boring, but this isn't an iPod though, it's actually the i'm watch, a device that may one day change the way we communicate. By connecting via bluetooth to you're smartphone the i'm watch allows you to interact with application like facebook, twitter, email, instant/text messaging, and voice calls on you're wrist. 
Available in 7 colors the i'm color version of the i'm watch retails for about $420(CDN) which is the cheapest version of the i'm watch. 
Like I just mentioned, the i'm watch comes in different versions and a more impressive versions is the i'm titanium.
The $700(CDN) i'm titanium features a more elegant and durable titanium face, instead of the aluminum face of the i'm color. Although impressive, both in appearance and price tag, the i'm titanium pales in comparison to the i'm jewels line of i'm watch watches. The starting price for a i'm jewels watch starts at about $14,000(CDN) and is available in yellow gold, pink gold, and black gold (all shown below).
And at close to $17,000 comes the white gold and diamonds version of the i'm jewels line of i'm watch watches. (also shown below)


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