Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Le Tour De France

As the days grow shorter and the clouds invade the friendly skies of the Pacific Northwest, we know it won't be long now until the rains come. And when the rains come, they generally tend to stay longer than wanted, making outdoor activities quite a challenge. Well one company aiming to change how we participate in indoor activities is Pro-Form. They've designed an indoor stationary bike that has become the ultimate Tour De France training cycle. What's so special about this exercise equipment is the iFit Live technology that uses Google Maps to recreate actual cycling routes. 
Combine this advanced technology with a stationary bike that actually tilts recreating the feeling of ascending and descending elevated terrains as you would on a real bicycle.
Now wouldn't it be cool if this thing also added wind resistance, well it does, by creating a profile based on the riders height and weight, it knows how much resistance to add to recreate wind drag. With a price tag of about $1,200(US) this isn't much more expensive than other models, considering how Hi-Tech this it. If you want more information click this link to go to the products website.


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