Thursday, October 6, 2011

Whiskey On The Rocks

When I first started indulging in the consumption of spirits, my drink of choice was 'Crown and Coke'. Now that I'm much older, and questionably more sophisticated, I've dispensed with the formality of diluting my whiskeys with carbonated sugar water. In fact, I tend to drink my whiskey neet nowadays, however I've always preferred having my whiskey chilled. My remedy has always been to keep whiskey in the freezer, allowing it time to breathe before drinking, so as to regain its full flavours. Well an even better approach would be to use Whiskey Stones or Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses, both of which are made from metamorphic rock, known as soapstone. Because of it's great ability to dissipate heat, soapstone offers a better solution to chilling drinks over ice cubes which tend to dilute drinks as they melt. A set of 9 Whiskey Stone cubes will set you back about $19.99(US), while the Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses will cost $39.99(US) for a set of four.


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