Tuesday, November 8, 2011

21 Jump Street

I just recently found out that a remake movie is being made based on the TV series 21 Jumpstreet, a show that got it's start here in Vancouver. A show that helped put Vancouver on the map, both in terms of its appeal to Hollywood, and tourism. Now even though I grew up during the production of this TV series and occasionally shared my high-school with them, I was never really a fan. However after watching the trailer it seems this remake has almost nothing to do with the original series, and almost seems to be mocking the original TV series. My question is why bother resurrecting a franchise only to belittle it? Even though I wasn't a fan to begin with, the show did have a great cast of actors, and even tried tackling some serious issues. 
See the trailer below for yourselves, and make comments on what you think...


  1. i was a fan of the original, but i'm also not minding this trailer. so disagree.