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Ad: Tamiya

Tamiya's 'Put It Together' campaign, introduces Tamiya's plastic model kits into a market that has virtually never seen plastic model kits before...Vietnam. The way they did it was larger than life...

In Vietnam, plastic kitset modelling is new and relatively unknown. Our job was to introduce Tamiya to a new generation of Vietnamese: affluent, educated young people who are fascinated by western culture. We showed that building a Tamiya kitset is more than just assembly. It is a creative act of storytelling and problem solving.
Life-sized carved and painted model pieces were placed all over Ho Chi Minh City as ambient installations. QR codes on the installations led the public to a Tamiya microsite. Visitors to the site were told they have found an important part of a wider story involving the moon landing. A story they had put together. Clues on upcoming parts were seeded in social media. Bit by bit, the pieces were revealed as the full story of the moon landing came to life online in the form of an evolving model parts spur. The story was also supported in print and poster. What did the visitors discover about the moon landing when they put the pieces together? – Stanley Kubrick had filmed the whole thing. The conspiracy had been put together, as had the model kit.
For a small about of media spend, we created a killer buzz. People from all walks of life discovered the pieces and put the story together online. Brand awareness grew markedly over the course of the campaign. The Vietnamese Tamiya distributor quickly ran out of kitset stock and is still struggling to meet demand. Our model parts appeared on talk shows. Some were even stolen. Neil Armstrong was last seen modelling women’s fashions in a shop window.
Here are some of the billboard and print ads from that same campaign... 
Moon Conspiracy
Marilyn Conspiracy
Roswell Conspiracy
JFK Conspiracy
Elvis Conspiracy


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