Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monoprice Is Awesome

Typically my rants are rather negative, but this rant is going to be quite the opposite. You see, last week I spent a few days trading emails with the customer service department at, and they were really helpful and friendly.
So why was I exchanging emails with the service department, well it started a few weeks earlier, when I ordered two Optical to Coax converters from Monoproce through Ebay (they were on sale so it cost me $23 CDN). I'm re-doing my home theatres sound system and adding in a HTPC, so I needed to convert the digital optical signal from the TV and PC to digital coax, a connection that my stereo receiver could handle. In hindsight, I guess buying a new home theatre stereo system might solve all my problems, but considering the low price of these converters I figured it was worth a shot.
Initially I was so amazed at how quickly I received my converters from Monoprice, that I instantly gave them a positive rating on Ebay, I was too busy to get around to working on my home theatre, so the parts sat for a few more days.
Before making any commitments on where equipment was going to go, I figured my first step would be to test all the equipment, so as to not waste time running unnecessary wires. Upon testing however I couldn't get the converters to work in harmony with the rest of the equipment. Individually the equipment was working perfectly yet the converters seemed to not be working. I was obviously frustrate, so I sent an email, asking for some help from Monoprice, which was responded too very quickly. I exchanged emails with technical support explaining my situation, and making changes as per their instructions, and still I couldn't get the converters to work. 
Being unable to get the converters to work I figured that at this point I was out my $23, which wasn't that big of a deal, I was more upset that my home theatre project was being delayed. Two days later I received an email from PayPal telling me that Monoprice had refunded my order. How cool was that! Definitely put me in a better mood. Then I get another email from Monoprice apologizing for having sent my faulty converters, and since they were faulty all I had to do is throw them away. 
Now this doesn't solve my home theatre problem, which I'm still working on, but at least I can feel better knowing there are still companies out there that care about their customers.

So thank you Monoprice


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