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Santa Cruz™ x The Simpsons™

"The Homer" (complete)
 Homer the ultimate skate shape! A popsicle style skateboard with tasty donut graphic Road Rider wheels and custom contoured deck shape.
Deck: 10.1" x 31.7"
Trucks: Krux "The Man"
Wheels: Road Rider 65mm

"Bart Model"
Bart has been shredding the streets of Springfield for over 20 years. Now you can skate like Bart with this re-creation of his infamous trusty sidekick... We call it the "Bart Model".
Custom sticker sheet included!
Deck: 8.9" x 27"
Trucks: Bullet 147mm
Wheels: OJ Hot Juice 60mm
 "The Homer Deck"
For the collector, skateboarder and just plain Simpsons fan, we present "The Homer". It’s skateable like a regular popsicle style skateboard, but with Homer’s features worked right into the shape. There’s "Business Homer" graphic on the deck top, and "Casual Homer" on the deck bottom.
Duff can wrap static decal included to make all of your beverages look like a Duff!
Deck: 10.1" x 31.7"
 "Homer One Deck"
Santa Cruz Skateboards™ x The Simpsons™
A parody deck of the classic 1984 Santa Cruz Skateboards graphic Rob Roskopp 1. This one will be out for a limited time so get it quick and look for more reissue parodies coming up soon.
Comes with a full color poster of this graphic!
Deck: 10" x 31.4"
"Duff Pintail"
Can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff... Cruzer. Our classic Pintail shape with metallic ink, inset bottle opener and Bullet Cutback trucks makes this the perfect ride to your local Moe’s.
Deck: 9.9" x 43.5"
Trucks: Bullet Cutbacks 150mm
Wheels: Road Rider "Tens"
"Homer One Micro"
If you’re looking for a mini version of the parody of a classic Santa Cruz Rob 1 skateboard, featuring custom Simpsons artwork and donut graphic wheels, well then look no farther! This thing is small, but totally rideable for skateboarders young and old.
Deck: 8.3" x 26"
Trucks: Bullet 137mm
Wheels: Road Rider 54mm
"Duff Can"
It’s a Duff can. It’s a skateboard. It’s the "Duff Can" skateboard!!! Super wide deck and soft OJ Hot Juice wheels for a smooth ride down to the corner store.
Deck: 10.5" x 27.5"
Trucks: Krux "The Man"
Wheels: OJ Hot Juice 60mm
If you're interested in getting any of these, rush on over to NHS Fun Factory for pricing information, and some cool videos.


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