Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sliders BBQ Skewers

I know that most of you reading this are thinking WTF, a BBQ related article in winter? Contrary to the popular opinion that I've lost my marbles, posting this article now does make some sense.
For starters these BBQ skewers aren't even available for purchase yet, as they're currently in the production phase. So even if you just had to have them, you're out of luck, but by next summer they should be available.
So what makes these BBQ skewers so special? Well the two piece handle is made of out ceramics, that stay cool to the touch even when exposed to the heat of the BBQ.
When you're done cooking you slide the bottom portion of the handle to remove the food from the skewers. No more burnt finger tips, and that's probably why they're called 'Sliders'. 
Since the Sliders are made out of ceramics, I imagine clean up would be just as easy as cleaning any other ceramic cup or plate.
So if you just have to have these for next summer BBQ bash, then head on over to Quirky and order yourself a set. For $24.99 you'll get 4 double pronged skewers, with heat resistant ceramic handles.


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