Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are You A Grinch? Part 1

Christmas has become so commercialize over the years, that most retailers start displaying Christmas decorations right next to the Halloween supplies. That's almost 2 months of not so subtle, in your face marketing. So it seems only natural that a few of us might start exhibiting signs of Grinchness, while others have fully embrace the Grinchness (I don't think that's an actual word, but I do what I want around here, deal with it). So rather than live in denial, embrace you're inner Grinch...
Why not make a few of these Grinch paper-craft figures to let people know how you feel? They're a perfect edition to any of the following locations.

  • On a Christmas tree, as an ornament
  • On the mantle, next to all the Christmas cards you get
  • On the desk in you're cubicle
  • Use it as a stocking stuffer
Or you could get creative and splash it with perfume/cologne and double sided tape it to the dash of you're vehicle. Whatever use you find, I'm sure everyone will get the picture.

There are two versions available...
Go all out and add Max
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