Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Christmas Craft #18

Here's what you need for each Snowman member of your family:
  • one stryofoam cone
  • one round styrofoam ball
  • felt (charcoal or black and any other colors your hearts desire)
  • glitter
  • one dixie cup
  • spray adhesive
  • hot glue gun
Step one: Glue the styrofoam ball to the top of the cone.

Step two: Spray adhesive the entire surface and roll the Snowman into glitter. (FYI, this step can be nixed should you choose to. If you decide to glitter up you Snowman, you can spray the post glittered surface with a coat of polyurethane to stop the glitter from falling off.)

Step three: Cut out and hot glue the following onto your Snowman: 
  • circles for the eyes and mouth.
  • a small strip for the nose, rolled into a cone
  • a long strip for the scarf
Step four: Make your hat. Note: the original creator of this craft had a little difficulty with this step so I like to suggest spiking a large glass of eggnog before proceeding!
Cut a circle to cover the top of the hat (slighly overlapping the edged) and hot glue into place.

Cut a long strip to cover the side of the dixie cup and hot glue into place.

Lastly, cut a large circle out of felt and another circle out of that circle. The smaller circle should be the size of your dixie cup. Your circle should be able to fit snuggle around the lip of the Dixie cup and shouldn't need any gluing.

By: pillsbury_girl


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