Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Christmas Craft #19

Check out these funky looking decorations! They're very easy to make, all you need is paper, scissors, tape, a needle and thread. You can use just about any type of paper, whether it be white paper, colored paper, old magazine pages, or even christmas paper. The key is to use a light weight paper to make these funnel type shapes, so don't think about using card stock or you'll go nuts in seconds!

The first step is to cut out ten paper circles, making sure they are all the same size for each decoration you make. So go ahead and make some really big ones and some tiny ones too. Once your circles are cut out, cut each one along the radius. Place a small piece of double-sided tape on the edge of both cut side. Flip the circle over and start rollin'.

Roll each flap towards you, creating two cone like shapes. Press down the taped edges to secure the cone into shape. Once you have shaped all ten paper circles into cones, grab your needle and thread and string your cones together. Gather the cones tightly to create a ball and knot the ends together, leaving enough thread to create a loop for hanging.

By: pillsbury_girl


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