Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kitchenaid Hand Mixer

Home kitchen must haves include a stove, fridge, oven, and nowadays a dishwasher too. But I think every kitchen should also have a KitcheAid hand mixer. The latest and greatest is the KitchenAid 9-Speed Architect Series KHM920 Hand Mixer. I own the KitchenAid Classic 3 model and from the first day I brought it home, I fell in love. KitchenAid, in my opinion, makes the best hand mixers out there. As a baker, I have blown through may motors, and have thrown out mixers simply because they lack the power to mix any simple cookie dough.

There are two specific reasons why I love my Classic 3. One, because it has the power I need to mix the stiffest cookie dough and two, the beaters don't get clogged. Okay, okay, I know some of you love licking those beaters clean, but the bowl will always be there for you! The KitchenAid 9-Speed promises to deliver the same great qualities as my very old Classic 3, plus a whole lot more.

The 9-Speed comes with two turbo beaters, a whisk, a blender rod, two dough hooks and a storgae bag to hold all these attachments. A soft start feature was added to gradually increases speed avoiding liquid and flour spills, and the electronic mixing sensor adjusts the power to accommodate the consistency of the mix. To finish it all off, a locking swivel cord locks to the right or the left so you can mix just about anywhere without the cord getting in the way.

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