Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Decorate Your Face

Four years ago, on my thirtieth birthday, I decided to fulfil my teen-aged desire to pierce my eyebrow. I figured at this point, I truly did want the piercing and it wasn't just a faze. I remember getting home and just beaming at my reflection in the mirror. Unfortunately six months ago I made the decision to remove it because as time passed, it looked as if the piercing was too close to the surface of my skin. Clearly a bad piercing job. I honestly loved that piece of jewellery in my eyebrow, and would love to have it re-pierced, but I am not ready yet. So what do I do now? How else can I decorate my face?
That's when I came across a few products at Sephora that might be able to satisfy me. My foremost favourite is Ultra Flesh Flash Face Decorating Kit. It's about $30 and it comes with 9 reusable stencils (3 of each style), 3 highlighting pens and 3 metallic sprays, gold, pink and black. The only downfall is that I don't like the designs so much, but the idea is fantastic hence why it is my favorite!
My runner up, which I would probably use more often, is Dior's Velvet Eyes. They run about $60 a box at Sephora, a little pricey, but they sure are purrrrty. There are 4 designs, two all black, one fully covered with anthracite grey crystals and one black with white crystals. Blinging!!!!
My least favourite are the Violent Lips. As with the previous two items, the concept is creative, but I am not a bling my lips kinda gal. BUT, for those of you who are, check out the Personal Care of this blog.


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