Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frolicat Sway Magnetic Cat Toy

Have you ever felt guilty about not having enough time to play with your cat or cats? I always feel guilty. However my case is not a matter of time, but a case of my cats not wanting to play with me. LOL. Both my cats are SPCA specials. My girl cat, Willow, is a troubled little one and is still afraid of everything, including me. I can't take this personally because she became mine at three years of age and from what I was told, she had already gone through a lot in her life. My boy cat, Tuxedo, on the other hand, is a lovely cat but I have come to realize that he doesn't only wants love from me and seeks playtime from his toys or my poor guests.
Now, Mr. Tuxedo is a little twerp. He has the word TROUBLE, written all over him. Willow, well, she look innocent, but over the years she has changed and I know now that she is NOT than innocent. Anyway, on with the point. Check out this product, the Frolicat Sway Magnetic Toy. This thing would be perfect of my cats. They can both play at the same time and it would tucker them out so they won't have any energy to destroy anything else in the house.
All you need to do it attach the magnet onto either side of the table or shelf and start swinging! The product is pretty cheap too, only $9.15 at You really can't go wrong and your cat(s) are gonna love you! Might even loose weight too!


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