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How to Store Your Christmas Lights

If you are like most people, every year when you put up your Christmas tree, you probably get a little flustered when you have to untangle your strands of light. Next years doesn't have to have the same faith. So, this year, save yourself the agony and wrap those strands nicely. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Cut slits into the end of an empty wrapping paper tube.Thread one end of your light strand into the slit, wrap the rest of the lights around the tube, then thread the other end of the lights through the opposite slit in the tube.
  • Use the same idea as above, but simply use a square piece of cardboard.
  • Wrap each individual set in a plastic bag and store the bags together.
  • Roll each strand up as if it were an extension cord and use twist-ties to secure it together.
Here is a video on yet another option:

By: pillsbury_girl


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