Friday, January 20, 2012

Inner City Bikes 36"

Inner City Bikes has this to say about their ICB36
"The world doesn’t need another bike redesign—the world needs thoughts on simplification, part reduction and greater product life span. Our lives need attention and care, not the objects that serve us.”
The inner city bike was designed by JRUITER + studio as a project asking questions about ultra short inner city travel. What is needed, who is riding, and how far are they going. At first glance it was a fun aesthetic opportunity in new trends, color, and materials. Our target lived / worked in an inner city environment with minimal space. Bicycling at this level can be more about fashion and culture than speed and performance.
The initial inner city bike was inspired by the “hobby horse” from it’s simplicity and the motorcycle cafe racing culture. Each is an exercise in stripping something down to its core. As it evolved, the design triggered a shift in time, spurring the questions, “Is there an opportunity to change a timeless product?” “Can we go back and try something new?”
The inner city bike rethinks what a “frame” is, getting rid of basic key components, and creating a new type of urban bicycling.
The inner city bike’s “essentials only” geometry gives new meaning to “less is more.” Sporting a free-wheel rear hub, 36” x 2.25” wheels, 150mm cranks and an 8” front disc brake hub. The riders position is adjustable, offering riders an adaptable, fun ride for those short commutes.
Before all of the bike fanatics get all fired up, we know this bike doesn’t solve everyone’s personal transportation dreams. Consider it a cafe racer with the performance of a beach cruiser. The positives are easy quick turns, huge power to the rear wheel to go over curbs and up hills, and great start / stopping / sitting situations.
We rethought everything 2 wheeled with simplicity in mind. This is as stripped as you can get."


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