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Quickfix Mud Guard

If you're an avid cyclist living here in the Pacific Northwest then you know what it means to get caught out in the rain. The Quickfix Mudguard is a clever little solution for those of you who refuse to ride fenders. It's available in a variety of colours as shown below and cost about $22(CAD).   Getting you're hands on these might be a bit tricky since they're only sold in the UK, but hit the Full Windsor site where you might find an on-line retailer.  Via - OhGizmo! By: Mass

New Movie Releases

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Anti-Theft Water Bottle

Contrary to what the title may imply, this product has nothing to do with stolen water bottles! Instead the Kuat Bottle Lock  is a bicycle lock that resembles a  cyclists water bottle. This unique design allows for the Bottle Lock to be conveniently stored in a standard water bottle cage, found on most bicycles.  'This product looks like a stylish water-bottle but includes a 5’ internally coiled 8mm cable that locks back into itself, as well as a compartment underneath for storage of keys and paraphernalia. With no need to carry baggage for your lock and other items, you can ride off in unencumbered style, safe in the knowledge that our potential thief is making his parched-mouth trek back to the chop shop on foot.' - Kuat   I'm sure there are plenty of cyclists out there that until now, have had no use for that water bottle cage. For $34(US) why not put that water bottle cage to some good use and get yourself a Kuat Bottle Lock . Via - LikeCool By: Mass

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Fuzzy Skull Dice

If you're looking for a super cheap ($7 US) way to pimp you're ride, then these plush skull dice from Sourpuss , just might be the answer. Of course you could grab a few pair, cut off the string and play extreme yahtzee. Just putting it out there.   Measuring in at 3.5"x3.5" in size these dice feature green plush embroidered with black dots/skulls on each side. You can get more information, or order these dice from this  link . By: Mass

The World Is Flat: Yoyokgi Japan

This world is flat post dates back to 2010. While the clip might be a bit old, this Japanese under 23 class is pretty impressive.  Brought to us by BMX Boose   2010 Under 23 Pro Finals Via - F L O W Z I N E By: Mass

The World Is Flat: Madrid. Spain

Check out what happens when you put two extreme sports professionals together! Featuring Pro BMX Flatlander Viki Gomez, and Pro Freestyle Footballer Yorok Zamora By: Mass

The Overpasses Of Surrey (BC)

As a resident of Surrey, I am little flustered by all the negativity highlighted by news broadcasters for the last little while. Yes I know, there is a whole lot of gang and drug related crap going on, as well as just random acts of violence. To give you an idea, from December 24, 2011 to February 5, 2012 (31 days), there have been 8 shootings, 4 of which were fatalities. I'm frustrated because all I hear from people is, Surrey is bad this and Surrey is bad that. Do I need to remind you that this sort of stuff goes on in other cities all the time? Cities like Vancouver, but the thing is that Vancouver is old news. Even though bad stuff happens in Surrey, good stuff happens too. I would like to start off by giving kudos to our Mayor, Dianne Watts. In the four years I have lived here, I have seen a lot of positive change and I hope with the support of the community, Dianne get to continue achieving her goals for years to come. One of her goals is to link the city without the use of r

The Watch-It Note

With digital devices everywhere today, it's nice to now you can still go back to pen and paper. For about  $13(CAD) you can get a block of 100 Post-It Notes that resemble a watch. Once wrapped around your wrist makes for a great visual reminder. I've only been able to find these for sale on-line from one vendor, so if anyone knows where to find these locally, send me an email or make a comment. Until then, if you just must have these then click here Via - OhGizmo! By: Mass

Green Machine!

Talk about killing two birds with one stone! This Lean Green Machine is the perfect follow up to my post 'The Best Present A Kid Could Get'  and it also oozes bleen appeal. From what I gather there is only one of these in existence, and it sit on display at Hammacher Schlemmer (New York) . In case anyone was wondering how much something like this goes for, well the answer is $75,000(US).  The Lean Mean Green Machine This is the 9' three-wheeled motorcycle inspired by the Green Machine, the classic big-wheeled pedaled tricycle from the 1970s. Its proportion, color scheme, and striking 45" diameter front wheel--the world's largest--are so convincing, it compelled the toy's 1975 designer to see the motorcycle for a side-by-side comparison with the original toy. At its heart rumbles an air-cooled, 80" cu. Harley-Davidson v-twin Evo--hailed by some as the engine that saved the iconic company--providing 60 horsepower for speeds up to 50 mph. The front wheel is d

Movie Releases This Week

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Mr. Button

Created by John Caswell, Mr. Button adds a little character, literally, to everyday shirts and pants or crafts. The buttons come in packages of 10 pieces for about $8 and you can order them through the John Caswell Design  website . Via - Like Cool By: pillsbury_girl

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Big Bang Lady Watch

This Hublot's 3 million Big Bang Lady Watch sold within a day in 2011. According to Hublot's research, the niche markets for ultra-luxury ladies watches has grown over the years and is expected to grow 30% by 2010-2015. Based on these studies, Hublot is releasing a one-of-a-kind 5 million Big Bang Lady Watch in 2012. This one-of-a-kind piece will be encrusted with 300 carats of diamonds making it quite an investment piece for one lucky lady! Via - Extravaganzi By: pillsbury_girl

Easy Drink

 The Easy Drink is  a concept recently posted on the Yanko Design website. For those of you who don't know much about this site, it is a place where designers can submit their ideas and, hopefully, have it published in the Yanko Design Magazine. It's a great opportunity to expose your design and see if there is an opportunity to market your product. Some of them are awesome and some of them, like this one, I just don't know what to think. I can understand that it would be a lot easier to fill this bottle using a variety of faucets, but do you really think you will not need to tilt your head to drink out of it? But serious, how many people get "neck discomfort" when drinking from a water bottle? Maybe we should ask these designers what were they drinking when they came up with this idea? Via - Yanko Design By: pillsbury_girl