Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Overpasses Of Surrey (BC)

As a resident of Surrey, I am little flustered by all the negativity highlighted by news broadcasters for the last little while. Yes I know, there is a whole lot of gang and drug related crap going on, as well as just random acts of violence. To give you an idea, from December 24, 2011 to February 5, 2012 (31 days), there have been 8 shootings, 4 of which were fatalities. I'm frustrated because all I hear from people is, Surrey is bad this and Surrey is bad that. Do I need to remind you that this sort of stuff goes on in other cities all the time? Cities like Vancouver, but the thing is that Vancouver is old news.

Even though bad stuff happens in Surrey, good stuff happens too. I would like to start off by giving kudos to our Mayor, Dianne Watts. In the four years I have lived here, I have seen a lot of positive change and I hope with the support of the community, Dianne get to continue achieving her goals for years to come. One of her goals is to link the city without the use of roadways. Last year, Dianne, with help from her team, developed and constructed two cycling and pedestrian overpasses in Surrey. They are not just functional but beautiful too.

The Pioneer Overpass connects the Pioneer Greenway on 148 Street/Winter Crescent through a neigbhourhood park on the west side of Hwy 99 to 35 Avenue on the east side.

The Tynehead Cycling and Pedestrian Overpass connects Tynehead Regional Park with Fraser Heights crossing over Hwy 1 to 168 street. It connects to the Tynehead Greenway and in the future will connect to the Barnston Greenway.


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