Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seatbelt Bags, Purses and Wallets

I've always been a big fan of recycling and do my best daily to avoid throwing recyclable items in the garbage.   Of course, there are always a few items I can't reuse or recycle and so out they go. Like old runners, what can I possibly do with them? Anyone have ideas? 
Here's an idea that has been out for some time now, using old seat belts for fashionable items. This one is for a great looking laptop bag. Unfortunately, this particular style is no longer available on the Etsy website for sale, but the one below can be found on the Amazon website. Keep in mind, these items are hand made and with that, come a hefty price tag. The Harvey Seatbelt Laptop Bag, below, retails for $184.

I think these products are amazing and being made out of seatbelts, I am sure they are durable as well. Here are few more items on the Esty site that might interest your eye.

Via - Dight
By: pillsbury_girl


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