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Sylvan-Sport Go

Sylvan Sport has created the 'GO', the ultimate trailer/camper for the outdoor enthusiast!
Their base model (shown above) retails for $7,495(US), while their adventure accessory package retails for $7,995(US) (shown below). 
 Now in order to understand what makes these trailers so unique, besides the rather cool colour scheme, you must watch this video...
Need more info?

Trailer Features:
Low profile design for minimum drag and super fuel efficiency
All aluminum hyper-engineered™ frame
Torsion suspension for smooth load control
Very light weight at 800 lbs.
13” ground clearance and high flotation tires for off-road use
UV resistant plastic storage boxes for years of maintenance free watertight storage
Waterproof gear storage in top camping pod
Lockable waterproof gear storage in front storage pod
Rack system frees up space from your tow vehicles’ roof rack
Rack system compatible with Thule, Yakima, and other brand accessories
800 lb. load capacity
Control-Tilt™ cargo bed with hydraulic dampening system
Easy to own with very low-maintenance
Excellent suspension geometry and handling characteristics make it easy to tow
Self lubricating hubs
Cast aluminum wheels
Spare tire
LED lighting for safer, long lasting service
Reinforced diamond-plate flooring for heavy loads
Waterproof electrical system suitable for use as a small boat trailer
Multiple tie-down points
Multiple configurations for carrying gear

Trailer Features:
Innovative Kelty tent system
Insulated bed platforms for snug sleeping
Stargazing windows
Excellent ventilation
Custom self-inflating air mattress from Pacific Outdoor Equipment
Equal to a King-size and a half of sleeping surface
Secure entry awning with optional larger awning
Zippered entry/ screen door
Multiple living space configurations
Torsion Axle Suspension

Interior Floor Dimension: 48 x 84 in; 121.92 x 1.22 cm
Trailer Size (closed travel mode): 138 x 74 x 51 in; 3.42 x 1.88 x 1.29 m
Trailer Size (open travel mode): 138 x 74 x 79 in; 3.42 x 1.88 x 2 m
Trailer Size (Camping Mode): 167 x 124 x 106 in; 4.2 x 3.14 x 2.69 m
Weight (unloaded): 800 lbs; 382 kg
Front Storage Capacity: 9 cu ft; 955 cu lt
Camping Pod Storage Capacity: 15 cu ft; 425 cu lt
Standing Height (camping mode): 87 in; 2.2 m


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