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The Blacktop 360

Do you consider yourself amongst the elite, when it comes to outdoor entertaining? Well if you do, then you need to get yourself the all-in-one Blacktop360! Not only can you use the infra-red grill to cook great burgers, hotdogs, sausages or what have you, but you can also cook buffalo wings, french fries, or onion rings via the built in deep fryer. Use the removable cutting board to chop and display burger toppings, sauté some onions on the griddle, and keep it all ready to serve on the warming station. As you can see the possibilities are almost endless as to what you can do with this portable outdoor cooking equipment. Want more information... Main Features : Deep Fryer, Infrared Grill, Griddle and integrated Warming Plate Independent temperature controls 24,000 BTUs total with three separate cooking functions 650°F+ ceramic infrared grill burner Super-durable double porcelain enamel cook surface Portable with storage/carrying bag included No assembly required Details : Stainless st


BL-EEN (Black + Green) Since the beginning, black and green has always been the signature theme for Mass-IMO. Going forward however, all bl-een related material will now have it's own dedicated blog (  By: Mass

Black Widow (Mr Green)

Mr. Green? More like Mr. BL*EEN! Have a look at what the creative minds at Ladiore Geneve have come up with... While all the rage back in the beginning of 2011, this timepiece still sets the standard to which all bl*een watches are measured. Limited to a production of 12 pieces, and named after a venomous spider, the Black Widow is 41.77mm tall and 51mm wide and made mostly of titanium. If the name hasn't scared you off, well maybe the $71,330 (US) price tag will. (Scroll to the end to see more pictures) Technical data and materials LADOIRE Manufacture-made movement: Calvet/o2 • Movement with automatic winding via a micro rotor • Jewelling: 38 jewels • Thickness: 10.95 mm • Shaped mainplate (39.50mm x 29.50mm) • W-shaped GMT bridge structure, 12-hour dual time-zone display • Balance with screws, black PVD-coated* • Optimised gear-train toothing profile • Frequency 18,800 vph (2.5 Hz) • 52-hour power reserve Functions • Regulator – Offset hours, minutes and seconds wit

The World Is Flat: Berlin, Germany

So I'm posting this video for 3 reasons. This guy Robin Hermel, from Berlin, Germany, really shreds!! I need to know the name of this song!!! I need to know the name of the original song, that I rode to in the 80's, that the song in this video was remixed from. Yes it's all about me this week! By: Mass

Ad: Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership

I love these next two commercials, made for the Pairie Milk Farmers Partnership. Not only do they have a positive message, but they were created by Vancouver advertising agency Dare. Let me know what you think... By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Galaxy Nexus

FACE UNLOCK Just watch the video, it will make sense... By: Mass Via - I Believe in Advertising

Movie Releases This Week

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Released To Video

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Knuckle Meat Pounder

A perfect gift for the man in your life, especially if you want him to hang out in the kitchen more!  Just make sure he leaves it in the kitchen and it doesn't leave the house, lol. Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer - $9.99(US) By: pillsbury_girl

The World Is Flat: Ontario, Canada

Check out Rebecca Pergentile as she shreds on two-wheels, representing women, mothers, and the great white north. By: Mass

Ad: Albert Einstein Hospital

I think this is a great way to promote people to donate blood. Please take the time to watch this video... By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Obermutten

Do you know where Obermutten is? Did you know they had a Facebook Page? Why not like them too?  Obermutten Facebook Page! By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

Movie Releases This Week

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Released To Video

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