Saturday, May 26, 2012

Brooks PureProject Collection

Available towards the end of this year, and the beginning of 2013, comes the new line of running shoes from Brooks. New to the collection will be the PureConnect 2, PureFlow 2, PureCadence 2 and PureGrit 2. While their new line seems to be moving away from a black on green colour scheme, those of you with a BL-EEN fetish might still be able to find the PureProject 2011 collection in stores.
In 2011 Brooks released a new line of performance running shoes dubbed the PureProject collection. From first glance, any self respecting follower of my blog, will see why I choose to feature them, however besides the obvious, this new collection has been designed from the ground up to create a more stable and natural running experience. The PureProject collection will actually be made up of four individual styles catering to runner preferences.


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