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Porsche 911 Turbo S (Limited Edition)

I don't know how long this post will survive since I didn't ask permission to use these photo's, but I'm hoping the photographer Nino Batista will have some sympathy for my small Blog, and let me get away with just posting his link. Now If you like cars, then you should definitely head on over to Nino's Facebook page , this guy's pix are truly amazing. As far as luxury sports cars go, or any vehicle for that matter, the Porsche 911 Turbo S (Edition 918 Spyder) has got to be #1 on the BL*EEN list.  The acid green accent on black base makes this car beautiful to watch both moving and standing still, but don't take my word for it check out the pictures. Oh and if you're looking for spec's and pricing it's at the end. Vehicle Specs Base Price :   $160,700 Engine :   3.8-liter twin-turbocharged F-6 Horsepower :   530 hp @ 6,250 rpm Torque :   516 lb-ft @ 2,100 rpm Transmission :   7-speed PDK 0–60 mph :   3.1 seconds with Sport Plus Top Speed :

The World Is Flat: Sydney, Australia

By: Mass

Ad: Sun Look

To bring attention to the harmful effects of UV rays during periods of prolonged exposure to the sun, Swiss sunscreen manufacturer Sun Look came up with this great promotional idea. Situation: It’s time for open air festivals: every year, cheerful vibes, good music, and sunshine allow everyone to forget their worries – and their sun blocker. How do we make the visitors of open air festivals in Switzerland aware of the importance of UV protection – before the sunburn? Idea: The idea is to distribute T-Shirts with a built in sun alert. This alert is triggered as soon as the T-Shirt is exposed to UV rays. Thereby the persons wearing the T-Shirts and the people around them are alerted - early enough, and in a surprising manner. Execution: The secret is UV-sensitive paint: the invisible “Sun alert” imprint on the T-Shirts turns red instantly as soon as it is touched by sunlight. The importance of early sun protection becomes obvious. If the sunlight is really intensive, the imprint appears

New Movie Releases

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File Sharing Is My Religion

Based on some of my previous posts, I've always thought of Japan or Finland as the most technologically advanced nations ( Japan , Finland ). That is until the recent decision by the Swedish government to allow the formation of The Church of Kopimism. So what is Kopimism and what has it got to do with technology? Kopimism is a congregation of file sharers who believe that copying information is a sacred virtue, they have a philosophical belief that all information should be freely distributed and unrestricted. This philosophy opposes the monopolization of knowledge in all its forms, such as copyright, and encourages piracy of all types of media including literature, music, movies, TV shows, and software. Those who follow Kopimism believe that creating digital copies is the way of nature, and that creating digital copies is no different than cell division, mitosis, or duplicating plants from clippings. Here is another way to view digital copying By: Mass Via - The UberReview

Ultimate Tazer Ball

For those who didn't already know, there's a new adrenaline inducing sport out there, and it's called  Ultimate Tazer Ball! Apparently this is for real, check it out By: Mass

Calgary Stampede - BL*EEN Edition

July 6 - July 15 As the Calgary Stampede quickly approaches, many people are faced with the awkward scenario of not knowing what to wear. Sure, it's possible to get away with wearing almost anything when attending the Stampede, but pairing some comfy worn jeans with stylish cowboy boots, can easily garner you some much needed Cowboy cred. Top that off with the right cowboy hat, and even the most seasoned stampeder won't be able to tell you're not an authentic stampeder. Now I'm no where near qualified to judge fashion, but I can however suggest some  stampede flair that has been BL*EEN certified. Men's genuine Caiman Crocodile Belly western boots by Ferrini®. Black foot with Lime Green shaft. Caiman Crocodile Belly leather foot All leather shaft Leather lining Square Toe 13" Shaft Sizes: 7 -12, 13 D & 8 - 11 EE Price $432.00 (US) Ladies Full Quill Ostrich western boots by Ferrini®. Black foot with Lime Green shaft or Cognac foot with Navy Blue shaf

Ad: Toom Baumarkt

I just love guerilla marketing, and guerilla marketing with gnomes...Fugetaboutit! So as you can probably tell I love this ad campaign for Toom Baumarkt a German hardware store that specialized in gardening. Check it out By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

Movie Releases This Week

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Copco Bag Caps

When I first saw Copco Bag Cap, I thought what a great idea, with one of these I can do away with finding an undone twist tie and popcorn kernels all over my cupboard shelves. Then I though, yeah but how much do these things cost? (a little googling later) about $5(US) each, hmmm but they don't seem to be available in Canada through traditional brick and morter. That's too bad because these are kind of badass, in a bachelor/man-cave sort of way, and a lot easier to explain to the guys compared to tupperware and rubbermaid products. Hey people from Copco, if you're reading this then send me some samples so I can review them. Bag Caps come in three sizes (S,M,L) and your choice of red, green, and orange. So if  you really must have them and you're a fellow Canuck, then here are some links, mind you I could only find the following medium sized Bag Caps. By: Mass Via - CoolThings

Huge Air: RC Truck Style

This next video goes out to "Orange Crush'r" my RC truck that just hasn't been the same after our last day of huge airs. We can rebuild, we have the technology... but unlike the 6 million dollar man, I don't have the time or funds. So, I'll live vicariously through this next video... By: Mass

Alienware M18x

Alienware gaming laptops are considered the very best money can buy! Their flagship model, the Alienware M18x  has a base price of $1,999(US). However once you start customizing and adding your preferred components, the price can easy hit well over $6,500(US). When money is no object, then Alienware is the simple choice for laptop gaming. So why are they the best... besides the performance, they allow more than just component customization, you can even customize the colour, like this cool terra green accent! Here is some detail from Alienware... The Best Mobile Gaming Experience in the Universe Attention to Detail : Crank up your in-game settings (AA/AF/Shadows) to experience every single aspect of the game without sacrificing performance. With up to 4GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, you'll have more graphics muscle than most desktop gaming rigs. If you demand even more power, select a choose dual-graphics solution powered by either NVID