Monday, June 18, 2012

Copco Bag Caps

When I first saw Copco Bag Cap, I thought what a great idea, with one of these I can do away with finding an undone twist tie and popcorn kernels all over my cupboard shelves. Then I though, yeah but how much do these things cost? (a little googling later) about $5(US) each, hmmm but they don't seem to be available in Canada through traditional brick and morter. That's too bad because these are kind of badass, in a bachelor/man-cave sort of way, and a lot easier to explain to the guys compared to tupperware and rubbermaid products.
Hey people from Copco, if you're reading this then send me some samples so I can review them.
Bag Caps come in three sizes (S,M,L) and your choice of red, green, and orange. So if  you really must have them and you're a fellow Canuck, then here are some links, mind you I could only find the following medium sized Bag Caps.


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