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Get Real, The Game Is Never Over

From Real Skateboards comes 'The Game's Never Over' series of skateboard decks featuring arcade characters from the 70's and 80's. The deck by itself will set you back about $55(US), and $145(US) for a complete board with Thunder trucks and Spitfire wheels. By: Mass Via -

The World Is Flat: ?, Cuba

Not much info on these riders or their location, but their shredding it up from Cuba. Good enough for me. By: Mass

Ad: Puma

Last Man Running Obviously I'm cheering for Alonso... By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Fantastic Delites

What would you do for free snacks? See what some people are willing to do to get free snack foods... By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

The CS450 DualSaw

With the exception of a new colour scheme, there really isn't much to say about the DualSaw , that hasn't already been stated by the late Billy Mays on his late night infomercials. Since this product barely qualifies as falling into the scope of what's covered here at BL*EEN, I'll dispense with the technical information and just bring on the pictures.  Oh by the way, you can watch the old infomercial at the end.

Floor - After The War

South Korean artist Do Ho Suh created a unique art piece called Floor. What makes this exhibit so unique is that it employs 180,000 re-purposed toy soldiers to hold up a glass floor. The exhibit is currently on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art By: Mass Via - Incredible Things

Stalk It 58Five Landspeed Longboard

For the environmentally conscious commuter, Stalk It has made the 58Five Land-speed Long-board using 100% Corn-board core and vertical laminated ash and poplar top and bottom sheets, it also features an aluminium speed stabilizer bar laminated into the core of the board for increased stability and rigidity. The ready-to-run board comes complete with Big Zigs 75mm wheels, 180mm Bear Grizzly 852's trucks, Swiss Fire bearings, Triple Eight Brainsaver helmet, Stalk It T-Shirt, Lube, Tool and stickers.  But this Long-board isn't just for the eco-friendly, because it's got some serious street cred, boasting an impressive 78.1mph towed speed Guiness World Record. (12-06-2010) Lane Segerstrom  The Stalk It, 58Five package will set you back $585(US) +S/H so if you're interested click here .

Ad: JCDecaux Road Safety

Simple and to the point. By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

Gymkhana 5

Ken Block - Gymkhana 5, San Fransico What can I say, that I haven't already said before.  Just watch the video already By Mass 

LeDIX Furtif

By: Mass

LeDIX Veloce

By: Mass