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Costume: Crayola Crayon

Screamin' Green is the perfect color for Halloween... Crayola Crayon Tank Dress Adult Costume Crayola Tank Teen Costume Crayola Tank Child Costume Crayola Crayon Child Costume Crayola Toddler Costume Crayola Crayon Hat (Adult) Or you could just go as the whole pack Crayola Crayon Box Adult Costume Crayola Crayon Box Child Costume All these and other Crayola Crayon colors available at

Ad: People are Fragile

If you spend time around down town Vancouver, then you might have seen this next series of advertisements. 'Meeting' I can't believe the time. I need to hurry if I'm going to get the m-e-e-t-i-n-g. 'Latte' Is that a new coffee shop? I'll just run over and grab a grande skinny l-a-t-t-e. 'Quick Bite' I'm starving. Can't wait to meet my friends for a quick b-i-t-e. By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

Costume: Green Men

Green Mens Skin Suit Green I'm Invisible Skin Suit for Kids All you Canuck fans already know who the green men are, so here's you're chance to root you're team on for Halloween, or you could root them on every home game I suppose.  Also available in other colors at

The World Is Flat: Hawkhurst, United Kingdom

Keelan Philips, and the minds at Visive Productions , help us put another pin in the 'world is flat' map.  Check out this beautifully crafted video... By: Mass

Costume: Beer

Lukinbetta Green Bottle Adult Costume Looks a lot better than... Premium Green Adult Beer Bottle Costume Just out of curiosity, how does one go about becoming a Halloween costume model? Because the guys in the above pictures look like they're having too much fun.  Both are available from

Bye Bye Burglars

Are you worried about the contents of your house every time you leave? Feel more at ease when you leave home, with the above pictured doormat.  Created by artist Reed Wilson you can purchase this doormat for $50(US) here . By: Mass Via - The Awesomer

Costume: M&M's

M&M Poncho Adult Costume M&M Green Tank Dress - Adult You'll make hearts melt in any of these M&M® Green costumes. From the sweet and sassy to the sleek and sexy. Invite friends to dress as other M&M® characters for a sweet group costume! All available at

How To Describe Breaking Bad

Thought this was worth a chuckle, so I posted it. By: Mass

Ad: Paint & Cia

The World Paint and Coatings Industry Association has come up with a clever way to promote their products. A magnetic business card that covers paint scratches on cars, remove the card and reveal the business information. By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

Costume: Angry Birds

For the 12 million+ angry birds players out there, I present... Adult Angry Birds King Pig Green Headpiece Adult Unisex Angry Birds King Pig Costume Infant Angry Birds King Pig Bunting Costume All these and more Angry Birds costumes available at these online retailers.

Ad: Head2head

Those of you whom partake in the smoking of the wacky tobacky, be it recreational or medicinal, will definitely appreciate the dual use of this marketing campaign. While not a lifestyle choice endorsed by us here at Mass-IMO , the niche market targeting of this advertisement lends itself quite well. By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™


For those who may be unfamiliar with Leeside skatepark, here are some pictures I took last year. Hope you like them! By: Mass