Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review: Sony Qlasp Headphones

Here's my first attempt at creating a review, so be patient with me as a get the hang of this. Now before I begin, I'd like to mention that I purchased a set of these Qlasp headphones for my own personal use, and I had not received any monetary incentives to create this review. One last thing, none of the pictures in this post are actual pictures of me, or my headphones, this review was an afterthought. Anyways on to the review...
I purchased the green Sony Qlasp headphones (MDRPQ4G Piiq Series) from my local NCIX store. NCIX is a retail chain that specialized in technology products. The Qlasp headphones were on sale for $9.99, and since I was already picking up a few other items, I decided to purchase these headphones. Now I already have about 4 pairs of headphones sitting around, but the Qlasp headphones were pretty cool looking. Not only were they a really cool shape of green, but they had this Qlasp feature. The Qlasp feature helps to hold the headphones in place while participating in activities, which I thought would be great for when I go cycling. Honestly though, I didn't think these would work since I had already bought "extreme activity headphones" in the past. The kind that claimed to stay on by wrapped around the ear and behind your neck, which in theory worked much better than in reality.
So I've been using these headphones for quite a while now, and I have to say they work really well, and I just love them. They take a bit of getting used to, as they weigh a bit more than conventional headphones, and attaching them takes some getting used too. They come with two sizes of rubber surround to properly fit those who have even the smallest of ears. 
Once they're in however, they really stay put, and they don't get in your way. The sound quality of the Qlasps is pretty good, considering that they are headphones. You're not going to get the deepest bass, out of these, but they do a great job of drowning out the sound of traffic (which may not necessarily be a good thing).
All in all, considering the price, comfort, and quality I'd have to give the Sony Qlasp Headphones a solid thumbs up! If you're interested in getting a pair check out NCIX, who usually has them on for $24.99(CDN). Last time I checked the above link, all they had left were the pink and multicolour ones for $4.99 (CDN).

Here is some information from NCIX's website...

  • Unique design clips to ear and keeps the earbuds there, even while exercising
  • Soft earbuds and 9MM drivers combine for a comfortable and snug fit that delivers clear sound to your inner ear
  • 3.9-foot cord length
  • 6 - 23,000 Hz frequency response
** Update **
Amazon still has these headphones at a reasonable price.

Now what kind of review would this be without pictures...


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