Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vans Supports Leeside

The other day my girlfriend and I went for a casual walk around Hastings Park. As we made our way from the Japanese 'Momiji' gardens to the Italian 'Giardino' gardens we couldn't help but be drawn to the Hastings skatepark. There was already a crowd of onlookers peering through the steel chain-link fence catching glimpses of skaters and bmxers as they popped in and out of the concrete structure. As we approached , I recognized an old friend, local skater Chris Timmer. It must have been over a year, I figured, since we had last seen each at another local skatepark Leeside. As we talked, he informed me that the legendary skate apparel company Vans, had just collaborated on Leeside Era 46 Pro, a running shoe that was in inspired by the Leeside skatepark. (Leeside, for those of you whom are unaware, is an abandoned tunnel here in East Vancouver that locals converted into an underground skatepark, literally and figuratively). After leaving Hastings skatepark, we decided to go check out Leeside, before returning home, and I decided to do some research on this Leeside Era 46 Pro.
Vans is donating all  proceeds from the sales of Leeside Era 46 Pro, to the DIY Leeside foundation, for future upkeep and expansion of the Leeside skatepark.

I'd like to personally thank Vans for supporting my local riding spot, and my friend Chris Timmer for this great article idea.


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