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Felipe Massa's RM 011

Recently re-signed Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa, will be sporting a special edition Richard Mille (RM-011-FM) timepiece for the upcoming US Grand Prix this November. This timepiece is limited to a production run of only 30 units and is being dubbed the Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph CARBON. Features: 50mm x 40mm carbon case Skeletonized automatic winding movement with adjustable rotor geometry 60-minute countdown timer 12-hour totalizer Annual calendar Oversize date and month Felipe's past collaboration with Richard Mille had already established him along side fellow athletes Rafael Nadal , Bubba Watson , Yohan Blake . Via -


"If we love them that much, we should take care of them. Make a woman get a Breast exam." Via - I Believe in Advertising

Greatest R/C Car Chase

Rob & Big is in my top 5 favourite TV shows of all time. So whenever I find a clip featuring these two together, you just know it's just a matter of time before it appears on Mass-IMO.  Now Rob & Big and R/C cars, that's just straight money! Can you say cha-ching! Via - Snotr

Sylvan-Sport Go

Sylvan Sport has created the 'GO', the ultimate trailer/camper for the outdoor enthusiast! Their base model (shown above) retails for $7,495(US), while their adventure accessory package retails for $7,995(US) (shown below).    Now in order to understand what makes these trailers so unique, besides the rather cool colour scheme, you must watch this video... Need more info?

Ad: Cadbury Screme Egg

The Goo has gone green, Zombie green. Available only until Halloween Via - I Believe in Advertising

Ad: Forza Horizon

From the streets of Toronto, Canada, the makers of the Forza video game series brings you the latest advertisement for their latest instalment... Horizon! Via - I Believe in Advertising

Ad: Zoo Magazine

Zoo Weekly is a British magazine available in the UK, Australia, and South Africa that is similar to FHM, here in North America. For Halloween last year they produced quite a rather unique on line advertising campaign, which I thought I'd share for you this year... Via - I Believe in Advertising

Gangnam Style Halloween Lights

I guess it was only a matter of time... Via - Neatorama

Green Machine!

From what I gather there is only one of these in existence, and it sit on display at Hammacher Schlemmer (New York) . In case anyone was wondering how much something like this goes for, well the answer is $75,000(US).  The Lean Mean Green Machine This is the 9' three-wheeled motorcycle inspired by the Green Machine, the classic big-wheeled pedaled tricycle from the 1970s. Its proportion, color scheme, and striking 45" diameter front wheel--the world's largest--are so convincing, it compelled the toy's 1975 designer to see the motorcycle for a side-by-side comparison with the original toy. At its heart rumbles an air-cooled, 80" cu. Harley-Davidson v-twin Evo--hailed by some as the engine that saved the iconic company--providing 60 horsepower for speeds up to 50 mph. The front wheel is driven by a chain housed in a protective cowling that replicates the toy's frame and, like its predecessor, the cycle is steered by two handheld push/pull levers that contr

The First Shots On Me

This is by far the best way to give a birthday card/present... A birthday card that turns into a shot glass, genius. The cost about $5 , and are available in blue and orange. Now I've never understood the idea behind cards, ok I understand the idea, but have you seen the prices of cards lately. To anyone wanting to send me a card, or give me a card, I have a better solution, write a nice little blurb on a post-it note, and place it on a $5 bill. Then just hand me the $5 bill, when I spend it, and I will, I'll see your note and read it, and think of you. See, no card needed. Via - Uncrate

Click Watches

Nostalgic? Miss the 80's? Well Click Watches  are bringing the 80's back with their line of Dip and Turn watches. The Click Dip-Switch or Click Turn-Switch are available with either the ribbon strap (cloth) or stainless steel strap. Priced from $99.99(US) - $169.99(US) depending on model and strap choice, these watches scream GEEK, but in a cool way.  Even their packaging is cool! "These new watches are reaching back into the glory days of electronics for their inaugural Dip Switch and Turn Switch timepiece collections. If you look at the circuit boards of any 80's arcade game or electronic device, you'd find these switches. Designed to be used on a printed circuit board along with other electronic components and are commonly used to customize the behavior of an electronic device for specific situations. Click Watches have ingeniously re-appropriated these 'retro-tronics' into an entirely new way to show digital watch functions. Eac

Ad: Restaura Car

"Don't let the stains tell the wrong story.  Restaura Car . Car Cleaning." Great concept for a car cleaning service in Brazil, well done Hermandad! "Don't let the stains tell the wrong story.  Restaura Car . Car Cleaning." Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: McDonald’s - Reflective Billboard

I'm sure this form of advertising has been done before, so nothing all to exciting here, but what I want to know is where is/was this sign? So it's got to be somewhere here in British Columbia since the advertisement firm, Cossette , is a local Vancouver company. So has anyone seen it??? Does that say Pattison Signs '49031'? hmmm... Via - I Believe in Advertising


How do you advertise to the public, when you are the advertising medium? Well if you're TV channel TNT in Belgium, then you take to the streets, literally. Via - I Believe in Advertising

Space Invaders Lamp

A little retro lamp to brighten your days. 47″ x 8″ Space Invaders LED backlit floor lamp, u nfortunately this was a one-off item that has already been sold for $200.  Better luck next time people! Via - The UberReview

Ad: ESPN - Michael Jordan

This is kinda funny, an ESPN commercial called Michael Jordan that doesn't even have a single clip of the legendary basketball star Michael Jordan. Actually it's alot funny! Via - I Believe in Advertising

Jackpot Slots Machine

Despite my views on Apple, and their products, I can't hold that against other companies wanting to cash in. So with that said, and the fact that I think this is actually a great use for old iPhone. Here we have the Jackpot Slots, iPhone peripheral from New Potato Tech. Jackpot Slots is much more than an elegant charge and sync dock, it transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a casino-style slot machine. The Jackpot Slots charge and sync dock is the most realistic gaming experience your iPhone or iPod touch has ever known. Reel-spinning action like the world’s finest casinos, multiple slot games, interactive one armed bandit action and select prize giveaways bring the excitement of Las Vegas to your iPhone and iPod touch. Connect the dock using the supplied USB charging cable to your AC charger or PC, then dock your device to keep it charging safe and secure in the dock. Pull the handle all the way forward to release your device from the dock when you are ready to travel. Jackp

The Alpnach Watch

For all you BL*EEN heads out there, with a few extra $$ to spend, allow me to introduce the Alpnach. Made by Swiss Army this automatic chronograph timepiece is going to set you back $2,195(CDN) . Check out some of it's features, and definitely take a few moments to watch the cool video. Made in Switzerland with precision Swiss Mechanical Self-Winding movement Triple coated, anti-reflective sapphire crystal Stainless Steel case with black PVD Screw-in mineral crystal, exhibition caseback Luminous hands and hour markers Unidirectional rotating bezel with countdown scale Chronograph 12hr, 30min, 60 sec, Tachymeter Scale Day/Date Calendar Hi Tech Nylon Strap Water Resistant to 100m (10 ATM, 330 FT) 44mm case diameter

The World Is Flat: Ghana, Africa

Ah, BMX Flatland, the way it was intended, just like in the 80's! Thanks for the fond memories Africa Via - Ride BMX

Paul Basagoitia's Mission: Land A Double Backflip

Here's a short video about ambition, dedication, and motivation as Paul Basagoitia battle nature to achieve his dream. By: Mass Via - The Awesomer

Writers Wanted

To all the loyal and dedicated followers of Mass-IMO whom may have noticed a decrease in content consistency and quantity over the past few months, please bare with me. I would like to say that I've been really busy, but in all honesty, I've just been lazy. It's not all my fault, really it's not. The weather here in Vancouver has been incredible, and regardless of how tightly I close my blinds, or how low I set my air conditioner I just can't seem to sit in front of this computer for long. Instead I find myself sitting in my back yard, soaking up the rays and sipping on beers. Now that my back yard is far less appealing, with the sun setting at like five o'clock, jack frost slowly creeping his way back into my life, I vow to take a more active role here at Mass-IMO. However considering that I've now split Mass-IMO with BL*EEN , it's getting a bit trickier to provide content for both sites. With that said I'd like to take on writers. Yeah that's r

These Zombies Are Fugly

As you may know, we here at BL*EEN are all about the Black/Green color combinations, which usually means everything Zombie related. Well this is no exception, but I got to say, these Zombie Fug Boots, are just that F****'n Ugly Boots, but hey maybe that's their appeal. So if you're into walking around having people stare at you, then head on over to IronFistClothing  where they're selling them for $50(US)+S/H. Here are a few more pictures in case you're undecided. Now for those of you that managed to scroll all the way to the end of this post, I got a special bonus for you. The Zombie Stomper Rainboot. They're also available from IronFistClothing , but go for $100(US)+S/H

Ad: Cuponium

Cuponium is South America's version of Groupon, and thanks to Boom Communications  they're letting the world know. "Your father-in-law's approval is not easy. But it doesn't need to be expensive" By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Chupa Chups - Scream Stopper

Chupa Chups Scream Stoppers are made specifically for Halloween By: Mass Via - Ads of the World™

These Zombies Are Dummies

Meet Rocky, he's a real dummy. Now I'm not referring to his intelligence quotient scoring, or the fact that he's contracted some sort of virus, be it T-Virus , Krippin or other. Nope what I'm referring to is that Rocky is in fact a real dummy, you know the kind they use at the shooting range for target practice. But he's not just a dummy, he's a bleeding zombie dummy. Yeah I said bleeding, as in he bleeds when you shoot him. But Rocky isn't the only bleeding zombie dummy invading shooting ranges, in fact he's got a whole gang of friends, who I'm about to introduce you too. 

Costume: Green Lantern

Green Lantern Movie - Women's Costume Green Lantern Movie - Deluxe Light Up Hal Jordan Green Lantern Movie - Deluxe Kilowog Costume Green Lantern Movie - Deluxe Tomar Re Costume Green Lantern Movie - Deluxe Sinestro Costume These and other Green Lantern costumes available at