Thursday, October 11, 2012

Writers Wanted

To all the loyal and dedicated followers of Mass-IMO whom may have noticed a decrease in content consistency and quantity over the past few months, please bare with me. I would like to say that I've been really busy, but in all honesty, I've just been lazy. It's not all my fault, really it's not. The weather here in Vancouver has been incredible, and regardless of how tightly I close my blinds, or how low I set my air conditioner I just can't seem to sit in front of this computer for long. Instead I find myself sitting in my back yard, soaking up the rays and sipping on beers.
Now that my back yard is far less appealing, with the sun setting at like five o'clock, jack frost slowly creeping his way back into my life, I vow to take a more active role here at Mass-IMO. However considering that I've now split Mass-IMO with BL*EEN, it's getting a bit trickier to provide content for both sites. With that said I'd like to take on writers.
Yeah that's right, both Mass-IMO, and BL*EEN are looking to take on new writers, editors, graphic artists or whatever. So if you're motivated, ambitious and willing to work for no money, little to no benefits then please send me you're resumes. Who am I kidding if anyone is interested in providing content, you're hired, just send me an email with you're information and I'll give you you're very own email or and contributor access.



  2. Writers, I need writers not wankers. But if anything changes will keep you posted thanks.