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The World Is Flat: Kediri, Indonesia

Wow, do some of the locations for this video look amazing. Make sure to watch the whole video, these guys did a great job! Rider: Gogon Dian, Sogol Satrio, and Feni Suseno. Filmed and Edited by: 831 FLATLAND and Alah Cah-Cah, camera by: Alah Cah-Cah Dewe. Location: Kediri, Indonesia. Music: Kodok - Lullaby (Preview),

Ad: Playboy

When I think of Playboy and Hugh Hefner, the first thing that comes to mind isn't hairstyles (am I wrong). However they do make a compelling argument, in this ad campaign, as to why some people might. Honestly, they might be on to something here, have a look. Created by Y&R of South Africa Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Brother

Many know Brother as one of the world leading suppliers of printing equipment for home and business. In New Zealand they are also known for being the main sponsor of the Rally New Zealand . So what happens when you take a printer company and infuse the rally influence into it? Well you get the next video... Want to make your very own Brother inspired rally car? Click the link below. Created by Raydar of New Zealand Via - Ads of the World™

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Optimized weight for extended wear Just like the Razer Electra, the Razer Kraken Pro gaming headset has been field-tested by countless professional gamers and athletes to determine the optimal weight for extended gaming sessions as well as for unparalleled comfort on the go. Fully retractable microphone The left ear cup houses a fully retractable microphone boom that pulls out only when you need it, perfect for taking your headset on the go. The flexible design allows the unidirectional mic to be adjusted to individual needs so it’s always in the best spot whether you are giving strategic commands or making a quick call to your friend. Powerful drivers and sound isolation for highest-quality gaming audio The Razer Kraken Pro’s large 40mm neodymium magnet drivers are tuned for clear high- and mid-ranges as well as deep bass for powerful lows. A closed ear cup deign with plush circumaural padding creates superior sound isolation so you can focus on your g


Before anyone starts complaining (since there are only about a dozen people that view this site, doubt there will be any complaints) but just in case someone does feel like complaining (saying that this article doesn't fall into the BL*EEN scope of reference) well too bad. No seriously I can do whatever I want, there is no democracy here, this is the inter-web, where I rule this domain. However since I'm such a swell guy, and my ego hasn't gone to my head (just disregard the last sentence or two), I'll be posting two, yes that's right, I said two article this week, so that the dozen or so of you out there don't feel cheated. And now on to the real article... Now what's cool about the Glowdoggie, besides being able to see where your dog is going when it gets dark (which for us here in Vancouver during the winter consists of 18+ hours of darkness a day) is that they actually have a dedicated website for both Canadians and Americans (Thumbs Up!).  Now

The Kikajou

What exactly is the Kinkajou? Rather then have me explain it, why not listen to the inventor... The Kinkajou comes in four colours and the basic kit ells for $49.99(US) , but if you definitely want one for this Christmas, you may want to consider paying the extra pre-ship $15.00(US) fee. Via - Neatorama

'En Guarde' Geeks

As if anyone uses rulers in school today, that is unless your in some art/design class, which isn't really doing anything for your social status. But, hey if you're gonna be a geek, you might as well embellish it, so to you I say 'en guarde'. Made by Pale Horse Design , the Machete Ruler will set you back about $20(US). Features:   Super Limited Edition Laser Engraved Wooden Ruler 12 Inches of Measuring Violence Includes Engraved Pale Horse Logo Gift Box Via - Cool Things

Taxco 2012

No explanation needed, that is, if you watch the video... and a bit more if you're so inclined Via - Snotr

Road Bike Party

I really respect those road bike riders, but you can't exactly say they ooze radness. Well moulds were made to be broken, I suppose. And pictured above is Martyn Ashton, who is definitely breaking the mould with his extreme road bike riding. Via - The Awesomer

Ad: Paper Mate Liquid Paper

If only life came with a Liquid Paper equivalent! Via - I Believe in Advertising

Ad: McDonald's (Make It Our Problem)

Planning a birthday party for your little monster and all of his/her friends.  Don't sweat it, make it McDonald's problem. Via - I Believe in Advertising

Need A Fix?

Missing your Mass-IMO fix today? Well there's more of this same great content over at BL*EEN , why not check it out every Wednesday.

Android Watch

With the android mascot graphics gracing the front, and with two straps (as pictured above) the Android Watch from Google, really embellishes the BL*EEN culture. Chip in an extra $12(US) for the optional green strap, and well, HAPPY DAYZ! However, unlike many of the watches I've showcased in the past, the Android Watch is somewhat affordable. That is if you can muster up $59.95(US) and live in the US. Now as I quickly found out while trying to purchase one of these for myself, the cost of shipping to my location in Vancouver, Canada cost more than the watch itself, a staggering $77.80(US) by ground and $210.79(US) expedited. WTF! So a watch that really should only cost about $25 will end up costing $140-$275. Google please, I don't mind paying a slight premium for the android graphics, but that's ridiculous. If money is no object and you simply must have this watch set, then follow this link .  As for myself, unless someone wants to gift me one, I'll simply hav

2 M (s) + 2 H2O (l) → 2 MOH (aq) + H2 (g)

Just something cool to pass the day. Via - Snotr

Own This Island, It's Just Under $5 Million

The 'Orsos Island' is a man-made vessel, that boasts yact-like luxury elements. For $4.7 Million, you can own your very own island, capable of accommodating 12 guests, and 4 staff. If this kind of thing interests you then check out the video. For more pictures and detail check out Via - Luxury Launches

Red Bull Kluge

I've documented various Rube Goldberg scenarios in the past (*) , but non quite as extreme as the Red Bull KLUGE. Via - Ufunk

Ad: Off-Center

Here's another ad campaign that strongly emphasises my earlier comments, that today's advertisers are getting far more raunchier. Maybe I'm completely wrong about this, maybe I'm just too sensitive, or maybe I'm succumbing to the political correctness, brainwashing propaganda. Hmmm, anyway check out the rest of this ad from Gyro . Via - I Believe in Advertising

Santa Cruz™ x The Simpsons™

"Bart Model" Bart has been shredding the streets of Springfield for over 20 years. Now you can skate like Bart with this re-creation of his infamous trusty sidekick... We call it the "Bart Model". Custom sticker sheet included! Deck: 8.9" x 27" Trucks: Bullet 147mm Wheels: OJ Hot Juice 60mm "Homer One Deck" Santa Cruz Skateboards™ x The Simpsons™ A parody deck of the classic 1984 Santa Cruz Skateboards graphic Rob Roskopp 1. This one will be out for a limited time so get it quick and look for more reissue parodies coming up soon. Comes with a full color poster of this graphic! Deck: 10" x 31.4" "Homer One Micro" If you’re looking for a mini version of the parody of a classic Santa Cruz Rob 1 skateboard, featuring custom Simpsons artwork and donut graphic wheels, well then look no farther! This thing is small, but totally rideable for skateboarders young and old. Deck: 8.3