Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Android Watch

With the android mascot graphics gracing the front, and with two straps (as pictured above) the Android Watch from Google, really embellishes the BL*EEN culture. Chip in an extra $12(US) for the optional green strap, and well, HAPPY DAYZ!
However, unlike many of the watches I've showcased in the past, the Android Watch is somewhat affordable. That is if you can muster up $59.95(US) and live in the US. Now as I quickly found out while trying to purchase one of these for myself, the cost of shipping to my location in Vancouver, Canada cost more than the watch itself, a staggering $77.80(US) by ground and $210.79(US) expedited. WTF! So a watch that really should only cost about $25 will end up costing $140-$275. Google please, I don't mind paying a slight premium for the android graphics, but that's ridiculous. If money is no object and you simply must have this watch set, then follow this link
As for myself, unless someone wants to gift me one, I'll simply have to resort to doodling androids on my Presidents Choice Joe Fresh watch, I picked up for $20(CDN).


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