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Ad: Renault F1

“Red is dead. Renault beats Ferrari in Formula One.”  Yeah, Yeah, clever ad. I am not impressed, ok maybe I am just a little. Via - I Believe in Advertising

Glow in the Dark Yoda

With a height of 52 inches and width of 35 inches, the glow in the dark Yoda wall graphics might not be for everyone. Heck, even if you aren't a Star Wars fan, you got to admit this thing looks pretty kick ass, specially with the lights off. This is what the actual art graphics kit looks like. You can order yours from here... Glow in the Dark Yoda

How to Choose Wine

Something everyone should know, now made even easier! If you're having problems reading this try using this link .

Pac-Man Hoodie

Get your geek chic on with this retro gaming inspired hoodie.  Watch as Pac-Man munches down on a ghost on the front of this hoodie, while about to snack on a fruit, on the back.

The World Is Flat: Cologne,Germany

RebelTV brings us some great flatland action from the 28th anniversary of the BMX Worlds competition. For those of you that remember the glory days of BMX, this clip is packed with old school legends of the sport, check it out...

Ad: Collective Co Skate Series

Marketing doesn't get any more bad ass than this! Packaged to r esembling what you might find in the pockets of a hit-man for hire, comes Collective Co's Skate Series line of skateboarding products. Whoa!! You made it to the end of the post, congrats. Here's a little video detailing some of the work that went into making these products. Via -

Flexdex Clear29 LT Green Lighted Skateboard

How cool is this longboard? Starting at $175(US) this green LED powered longboard can be yours, and you just know that with a name like Flexdex it's a quality built ride. Of course the Clear29 LT also comes in other colours, but we here at BL*EEN really don't care about that do we? The crystal Clear29LT Lightboard by Flexdex proves that harmony can emerge when style and function come together as one. The only longboard of its kind, the Clear29LT rides with the same intensity that Flexdex has come to be known for, with an aesthetic appeal that has never been duplicated, better yet seen anywhere else. A highly versatile shape, this longboard can ride anywhere and catches attention everywhere. The Clear29LT is one of the most flexible boards from the 2006 line-up and soaks up road vibrations like a sponge. Pumping, cruising or shredding, there is no end to how much energy this board produces. Clear as glass, the rider can literally watch the asphalt go by through t

The Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway

This slot car track crammed into a replica racing car makes for quite the collectable, that is, if you can handle the $125,000(US) price tag. This is the full-sized Porsche 917 replica that conceals a 1:32-scale working wooden slot car track faithful to the iconic Le Mans raceway. Painted in the same color scheme and #20 race number—an homage to the classic 1971 movie starring Steve McQueen—the 917 has genuine race-worn GT prototype tires on aluminum three-piece rims and working headlights and taillights. The precisely molded replica cowling opens like a clamshell at the touch of a button to reveal the track within. Resplendent in its handcrafted detail, the raceway is built with realistic landscaping and includes period signage illuminated by working streetlights: the Esso Oil Drop Man near the Ford chicane, the Marchal sign on the famous three-level grandstand over pit row, the Martini barn, and the unmistakable Dunlop "tire" bridge. Hand-detailed aluminum Armco guardrails

Pictures Immortalized In Wood

If you could immortalize your most precious moments on wood, wouldn't you?  Well Woodsnap now makes it possible to take your favorite photo's or artwork, and have it printed (in colour) on wood. Now this looks incredibly cool, and I would love to tell you all about it, but thanks to the modern technology and videos I don't have to. Via - The Awesomer

Until Summer's Here...Island Fever

Skullcandy BMX presents "Island Fever"

The World Is Flat: Kawasaki, Kanagawa Japan

This week we have a rather strange TWIF entry, because it's actually a music video, called "I'm A Killa (BMX Flatland AKIRA Mix)" preformed by Japans "Bullet Crew" .

Ad: V Energy Drink

By hacking an Xbox360 Kinect, and modifying it with audio production software, V Energy Drink created the V Motion Project. Check it out... The Official Music Video Via - I Believe in Advertising

Garden Gnome Statues

Planning your garden decor probably hasn't crossed your mind, you know, with Spring and Summer being so far away and all (or pure laziness as is my case). For those that do want to get a jump on decorating theor yards, and gardens then the  Creepy Halloween Zombie Gnome Garden Statue Sculpture  is for you. Clicking the link will bring you to Amazon, where you can find the gnome above.  Maybe zombies aren't your thing, maybe you're more a Green Bay Packers fans, well there are options for you as well. NFL Green Bay Packers Garden Gnome NFL Green Bay Packers Team Thematic Garden Gnome While these garden gnomes might be falling just outside the realm of what is considered BL*EEN, I thought they were cool, and I was getting tired of showcasing watches.

Steel Foosball Table

Before I get into details about how awesome this foosball table is, I must advise everyone that this unit is no longer being sold, or manufactured. Now that I've unburdened myself with that bit of sad news, let's get on to the details... Crafted in Spain from electropolished steel and iroko wood and distributed through  RH (Restoration Hardware) . Individual leg levers insured a perfect pitch on uneven surfaces, which allowed for indoor or outdoor game play. "Americans call it Foosball. The French call it Baby-Foot. And in Spain, where this deluxe game table is made, they call it Futbolin. Enduringly built of stainless steel and durable iroko wood, our table promises to become a family favorite for years to come. Its handsome design and minimalist palette lend it uncommon sophistication, while its electropolished steel top makes it rugged enough for outdoor use." - RH Dimensions 59½"L x 51½"W x 36½"H; 150 lbs. Price $4,000(US) Via - Uncrate

GOT Chucks?

Now you can show your Game Of Thrones allegiance with these custom Converse Chuck Taylor hi-tops. Regardless of which house (Stark shown above) you align yourself with, I'm sure you'll be the talk of the water cooler, that is until the next season starts. Prices (about $116 CDN) and sizing available here . Targaryen Petyr Baelish Lannister Baratheon Greyjoy Arryn Tully Baratheon (Renly Variant) Martell Via - GeekAlerts