Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dietrich ED01

Since winter is in full swing, what better way to start off this new year than with a winter related product. The Dietrich ED01 is a product that was made for the winter, it's designed to be worn on top of winter gloves or jackets. If you just have to have this, well be prepared to shell out just under $1,300 (CDN) depending on what the exchange rate is (here is a link to European vendor).
ED01, the Snow watch, was a true designer’s dream, created to elegantly solve the difficulty of checking the time while wearing ski gloves and a thick jacket. With its multi-directional elastic strap, the watch can be worn over the sleeve of a ski/snowboard jacket. To emphasize readability in even the foggiest weather, this watch simply has two hands: hours and minutes, finished in a bright-green SuperLuminova. The watch comes with a set of two elastic straps in different colors, the buckle and its screwdriver – all this in a military green travel pouch.


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