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OceanicTime: CITIZEN Scuba Fin Dive

While not the cheapest timepiece to have an article on BL*EEN, with a MSRP of $325, it sure is a lot more affordable than most. Citizen Eco-Drive Scuba Fin is a perfect choice for divers as well as active sports consumers. Features include a one-way rotating elapsed-time bezel, 46mm screw-back case and screw-down crown, 200M WR, and luminous hands and markers. Shown in stainless steel with black poly strap with buckle and bold green accents.

Life Behind Bars (Vancouver BMX and Pemberton Downhill)

Episode 16 of ' Life behind Bars ' brings us to Vancouver and Pemberton, BC. Check it out, more info after the video! Brandon and Logan hit up Kirkstone Skatepark in Vancouver, BC to test out their new BMX bikes. After a fun park session, they venture out in the city to find some local street spots. After making a new friend, the boy's head up to Pemberton for some downhill MTB trail riding to end their trip. Next episode: Previous episode: All episodes! New episodes every other Tuesday! Follow on twitter #LifeBehindBars @BrandonSemenuk!/BrandonSemenuk Facebook: @CurtisLRobinson ‏!/CurtisLRobinson @KyleNorbraten!/KyleNorbraten @TheCoastalCrew!/TheCoastalCrew @Evan_Intern!/Evan_Intern Song List: Intro Song: Trooper -

Ad: Ford Figo (Michael Schumacher)

Nothing like a little F1 humor to sell a vehicle, and to tie us fans over until the next F1 race. Even though this ad for the Ford Figo is slightly dated, since schumie no longer races in F1, I'm sure it still gets the point across 'Leave your worries behind. With Figo’s extra-large boot.' . Created by JWT of New Delhi, India Via - I Believe in Advertising

Ad: Hot Wheels (Hot Wheels My Ride)

Hot Wheels brings you back to your childhood with this latest campaign, using your very own car.  I'll let the video explain... Created by  ageisobar of São Paulo, Brazil Via - Ads of the World™

Máximo Riera's Animal Furniture

Whale I'm not entirely sure what I think about this collection of work, but I have to say it is quite impressive. Getting half of the inspiration from animals, Maximo Riera creates furniture that are made to resemble living creatures rather than inanimate objects. Which is your favorite? Octopus Walrus Elephant Rhino    Via - Headlines and Heroes

Space Invaders (Color Changing) Mug

Space Invaders Color Changing Mug Watch the flying saucers change position and move with this Space Invaders Color Changing Game Screen Mug! This color changing mug changes from black to other colors when you pour hot water over the graphics on the mug. If you're looking for a cute mug to keep you entertained at work during down time you couldn't do better than this fun Space Invaders Color Changing Game Screen Mug! Order yours today, only $10.99(US)

Esbjerg RC Drift Track

The weather here still sucks, dam this is depressing (full disclosure: we did have a sprinkling of sun here and there, but it's still so cold, what is this global warming, I keep hearing about?). So to all those that are also stuck inside looking for something cool to do, this might be a good inspiration, the Esbjerg RC drift track out in Denmark. Here is some information about this video from RCDrift Denmark Out first video from an invitational drift-day on the track in Esbjerg - Denmark. .: Find us :. :: Website: :: Facebook: :: Youtube: .: Credits :. :: Music: Kdrew - Danger Zone. -   :: Sponsor: None yet. .: Friends :. :: Esbjerg Rc Drift: :: Dot1Drift:

Ad: E-Comm 911 (911 Emergency?)

Nothing really special, but It's Canadian, created by StationX from my home town of Vancouver.  If you want to see the results click here ! Via - Ads of the World™

Time Off

I'd like to inform everyone, who comes to my blog on daily basis, that I will be taking a few days off from posting. It's nothing serious, I just need to get caught up on some things and unfortunately this blog is going to be suffering. Not to worry, this is not the beginning of the end, or at least I hope it isn't. Seeing as I'm currently the only person contributing to this blog, it would be great to have others on boards, but does anyone really like working for free? Didn't think so. Maybe in the future I can take a few days off, while I leave others in charge of this blog, but until that time comes, you'll all have to settle with this crummy explanation. Thanks for understanding Mass

Zombie Bikini (BL*EEN Edition)

Not that it looks like summer is coming anytime soon (we've had 4 days of straight rain here), but when it comes, here is a way to get your BL*EEN on and look trendy. Thanks to The Walking Dead, it's all about the zombies now, and this bikini sort of says it all. If your interested in picking this item up click the link below... Iron Fist Zombie Chomper Bandeau Bikini

MTB Promo: Extreme Riding on the Edge, Where All-Mountain Meets Freeride

Apparently this next video is a promo for a web series that's supposed to have been released already. Now I tried finding the actual web series videos, or links to the videos, but haven't been able to find anything. So if anyone can provide me with links that would be most appreciated. Regardless of whether or not the web series exists, this video is still really cool.

Ad: Schwimmer Pool Service (pH Business Card)

I think this business card is a great advertising tool for this company but how much extra does it cost for cards like this (does anyone know)? Is it practical?  I do have to mention that this campaign was created by a Canadian company  doug & serge of Toronto. Via - ibelieveinadv

Ad: Lar Center (Mechanical Sofa)

This is a great interactive ad campaign for Lar Center, a shopping mall in Brazil. To promote their summer sales event they brought in a mechanical bull, but replaced the bull with a sofa, thus inventing the mechanical sofa. The longer you ride the mechanical sofa, the bigger a discount you would get. Wonder what liability insurance they got for this promotion, but whatever it's a great idea. Via - Ads of the World™

Are You A Video Game Junkie? How Many Can You Name?

A mixture of 50 video games from the 80s. They range from PC-Engine, to Commodores, Atari to Master System and Arcades to Acorn BBC Micro computer. *This has been my most enjoyed art by others, but I keep finding it plastered about with no credit or link back here by a few. Kind of annoying. How it was made: The majority of the characters here were actually made but using a square block, duplicating it and moving it around into position. Depending on the complexity a single character could be made of up to 250 blocks and take around an hour to make. Characters from Burger Time, were much quicker to do and easier by hand drawing them on paper, scanning then colouring in. As a fanart piece it is obvious I have no ownership over the characters portrayed. All rights go to their respective owners: Nintendo, SEGA, Atari, Capcom, Namco, A&F Software, Hewson Consultants, Hewson, Micro Power, CodeMasters, Data East et al. - Judan

Booyah! Oh Yeah, Here Comes The Ouya

Earlier today I read... "With the popularity of streaming services mixed with free over-the-air stations, consumers are seeing less of a need to go with a cable subscription. In fact, the number of households that don’t have cable subscriptions has jumped to five million, compared to two million in 2007." - Slashgear So what does that mean??? Well not only are more people being more selective of what they watch on TV, more people are getting their content from other non traditional sources. Now I've already discussed my dislike for aPPLE and their products, so it's pretty obvious that I'm a devoted Androidee (just made that up, on a whim), and I've documented my fascination for XBMC , so you can just imagine my excitment at the thought of owing a OUYA . The soon to be released OUYA brings all the excitement of having an Android smartphone right in your living room, on a big screen. Now bundle that excitement with XBMC the worlds best media sorting, playing, a

Pac-Man (and Ghost) Ice Cube Tray

I know it's no where near warm enough (at least where I am) to be discussing ice cube trays, even if they are Pac-man inspired. But since the weather outside sucks, and you're in front of the computer, then there really isn't a better time to order ice cube trays. So, you order them now, they'll arrive just in time for the beautiful weather (let's hope). As you can see the Pac-man ice cube tray makes 8 pac-man cubes, and 4 ghost cubes, and comes with some pretty cool packaging. If you're interested click the link below for more details. Pacman Ice Cube Tray

Dzmitry Samal Watches Collection (Four)

Dzmitry Samal has made a collection of watches called 'Watches' made out of concrete. Yes, I said concrete! Of all the possible materials you would consider to make a watch out of, in my mind, concrete would not be at the top of the list. In all fairness though, what do I really know about making watches?? I have to admit, they do look rather unique, worth the $1650(US) price range, I don't have that cash laying around, so I'm not one to say. Leave your comments The Fourth installments of the 'Watches' collection is what I would like to refer to as the BL*EEN edition. Here is what Dzmitry Samal has to say about his watches collection... "Watchmaking, as I see is more than just a time measuring mechanism. It is the main male jewellery and should reflect the personality and strenght of its owner. I chose concrete, a noble, modern, honest and robust material, the stuff our megapolis are made of. My watches tell the story of an alliance of French

Gangnam Style (Dubstep)

Dancing by Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer and music by Tim Ismag I never thought I would post another Gangnam related post, but here it is (never say never, I suppose)... Dancer: Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer Booking: Just having a little bit of fun to this crazy song hope you all enjoy!!! Song: Gangam-Style-Tim Ismag remix

Yak Films NONSTOP + Cool Free Music Download

Music by SpacePlant - S.O.S. feat. Apache Indian (SpacePlant VIP Remix)  FREE SONG DOWNLOAD!!! Via - YAK FILMS

Ad: LEGO (Goldfish, Frog, Canary, Mouse)

IMAGINE, that's the theme behind LEGO's latest print ad campaign. If you ask me, looks like the assembly person they hired padded their resume just slightly. Regardless they're still far more talented than me, at least when it comes to LEGO building.  Extra props for using a Canadian advertising company! Created by  BRAD, Montreal, Canada Via - I Believe in Advertising