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Seven Deadly Sins Are Nothing To Wine About

Designer Kacper Hamilton has created a series of wine glasses based on the 7 deadly sins. Each limited edition glass in the series is hand made in England, so if you need information on prices click the lick above. Wrath  (also shown above) Greed Gluttony Lust Envy Pride Sloth Via - Toxel

The World Is Flat: World (Too Small Bike 3 Movie)

TOO SMALL BIKES 3 is a BMX flatland movie directed by Julius Salo. The film includes over 40 international riders from all over the world from countries such as Finland, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, USA, Estonia, Sweden, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Thailand, Argentina, France, Italy and Peru! The movie premieres were held in movie theaters and local screening parties starting on March 8th 2013 with eight different worldwide events including four premieres in Europe in Helsinki, Paris, Madrid and Hannover and another four premieres in USA in Port Jefferson New York, Southbridge Massachusetts, Austin Texas and in Santa Rosa California. TOO SMALL BIKES 3 is a celebration of BMX flatland lifestyle worldwide! INCLUDING RIDERS: (in order of riding appearance) Alberto Moya • Pedro Melo • Asko Relas • Julius Salo • Jussi Laukkanen • Érico Melo • Diego Tejada • Aapo Airas • Mikko Salonen • Aleksi Ritsilä • Anders Milberg • Jorma Sonninen • Matti Heliö • Sietse Van Berkel • George Manos •

Ad: Hope Lingerie (Hope Tales)

There really is no bad way to advertise lingerie, so after watching this video a few times, I must reemphasize that there is no bad way to advertise lingerie. Advertising agency: Giovanni Draft FCB, São Paulo, Brazil for  Hope Lingerie Via - I Believe in Advertising

Pen Cap Utensils

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I'm well accustomed to eating Asian foods, so my chopsticks skills are top notch, if I do say so myself. However I'm sure there are those of you out there, that have not mastered the ways of the chopstick yet, and who prefer using a fork or spoon. Now this situation is fine when ordering food at a restaurant or home delivery, your kitchen is probably stocked with utensils, but what if you're not at home? What if you're at you cubicle at work, or worse yet, a work meeting, then what. You can't fumble around trying to fake you way through lunch, even though you know you've tried in the past. Well if you've ever found yourself in this situation, there is a remedy to this, and it's the Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set. So if you think you might ever be in the situation where you might need this, click the link below for ordering information. Dine Ink Pen Cap Utensils

Meatball Grill

When I think camping or BBQ season, pasta usually isn't at the top of the (can't wait to make it) list of culinary delights. However that shouldn't be the case, at least not if you've got the Williams-Sonoma Meatball Grill Basket . Here are some of the features: Sturdy stainless-steel basket has 12 perforated wells to brown meatballs while excess fat drips away. Works with beef, lamb and poultry as well as vegetable mixtures. Handle removes to free up grill space and provide clearance for the grill lid. Based on customer feedback, we've increased the size of the wells' perforations to allow for easier cleanup. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive. Price $61(CDN) Via - Headlinesandheroes

Chariot Skates

Rollerblading is so 1990's, so is this the future? The Chariot Skates concept (shown above) may just be the next big thing to hit outdoor sports. What makes them so unique is the use of only two wheels, with one of them being extremely large, that is compared to an inline skate wheel. Because of the extremely large wheel in the front, Chariot Skates claims that this design enables these skates to handle rougher terrain better than traditional inline skate designs. Want more info, head on over to Chariot Skates , until them check out one of their videos. Via - Dight

Under Dawgs (DAE Teaser)

Under Dawgs D.A.E. Teaser from Colt Morgan on Vimeo . D.A.E.- Drake Aron Edwards, who died in a car crash last Christmas Eve, was a best friend to everyone he would meet. Because of his pure kindness and amazing disposition everyone would always want to be around him. Being around Drake meant endless smiles and the greatest feelings friendship has to offer. Snowboarding was a huge part of Drakes life, so through our snowboarding we board for Drake. And attempt to live our lives in the same inspirational spirits that Drake did. Snowboarding: Jesse Gouveia, Ben Strause, Andrew Aldridge, Jordan Morse, Durell Williams, Colton Morgan, Sammy Spiteri, Max Tokunaga, Shane Wright, and friends. Thanks: Airblaster, Arbor, Ashbury, Bonfire, Capita, Comune, L1, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Howl, Nitro, Salomon, and Open Jacket Crew. Via -

Ad: Heineken (The Candidate)

If you're a Juventus, Football, or Heineken fan then you have to watch this video! Advertising Agency: Publicis, Milan, Italy Via - I Believe in Advertising

Ad: Calgary Farmers' Market (Carrots)

"Open All Winter", It's clever, and it's Canadian, that's about all it takes to get mentioned on this blog. Advertising Agency: WAX, Calgary, Canada Via - Ads of the World™


I want to thank all the people that have routinely surfed their way to BL*EEN!  Unfortunately, do to a hectic schedule I will not be able to continue updating this blog. However moving forward, my existing blog ( will begin taking on a more BL*EENish persona, for those seeking an alternative. I will keep this blog up and running (for the time being), but no updates will be made here.

Official Promo: BMX The Game

Ok so there are 8 days to go, and they're only half way in raising the money needed to get this thing done. Not looking so good, but who knows. Anyways check out what these guys have been working on, who knows maybe you'll want to commit some money. If you want more info, click here .

Wrapping Papper That's A Little Cheesy

It's probably because it was lunch time that this product seemed like such a great idea. Who am I kidding this is awesome, and I'd love for good old Santa to change his regular gift wrapping to this! (Change approved, thanks to Allie Tores).  Unfortunately, like most of the good things found on the internet, this cheeseburger inspired wrapping paper is already sold out ! Oh well, at least I got to use it to fill my blog posting quota for the day. Via -

Verde Lima Bars Promo

Here's a cool video to soothe the adrenaline withdrawl.  Verde BMX Lima Bar Promo from Verde Bikes on Vimeo . Verde's Liam "Lima" Eltham hits some trails and skateparks in France and England after the Kill The Line contest in Peynier, France. Lima's signature Verde bars are also now available worldwide at finer bike shops .  Styles for miles... Special thanks to Shiner Distribution. Instagram/Twitter: @verdebmx Filmed by: Johnny Elia Ryan Hallett Will Stroud Edited by: Will Stroud

Ad: Fevicol (Marathon Runners)

Fevicol , India's leading brand of adhesive, decided to sponsor a team of marathon runners to participate in the 2013 Mumbai marathon. The teams results weren't too impressive, but thanks to  Ogilvy & Mather , brand marketing and promotion was quite a success. Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Berrge Tattoo (Tattoo Artists Wanted)

Berrge Tattoo and ad agency BÜRO from Istanbul, Turkey, came up with this great campaign... "New tattoo artists wanted. To apply, fill in the QR code carefully." Via - Neatorama

Fail: March 2013

Another addition from TwistedNederland ... Fail Compilation March 2013 || TNL by TwisterNederland


Rush, a spectacular big-screen re-creation of the merciless 1970s rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, filmed by Two-time Academy Award® winner Ron Howard. Set against the sexy and glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing, Rush portrays the exhilarating true story of two of the greatest rivals the world has ever witnessed—handsome English playboy Hunt and his methodical, brilliant opponent, Lauda. Taking us into their personal lives on and off the track, Rush follows the two drivers as they push themselves to the breaking point of physical and psychological endurance, where there is no shortcut to victory and no margin for error. If you make one mistake, you die. Via - TheAwesomer

Eyeballing: The Game

Here's a fun online game that should keep you entertained for a little while, specially if your stuck in front of a computer today. The premise is to guesstimate distances just using your eyes, it's actually quite fun. Unfortunately if you want to play your going to have to click this link .

Nike Flyknit Track Spike

For all you black and green lovers out there, it doesn't really get any better than the Nike Flyknit Track Spike . 

The World Is Flat: Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

Here is a picture of some of the winners from the Monster Energy drink BMX/Freestyle show from the Woodbrook youth facility in Trinidad. Check out this highlights video...

Ad: Nivea (Stresstest)

You have to watch this video, no seriously watch it! To promote Nivea's new line of Stress Protect deodorants/antiperspirants they, along with  Felix & Lamberti (Hamburg, Germany) , created the stress test. They created fake stressful situations, and watched how people handled them. This is a great campaign, well done! Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: M&M's (Swimsuit Illustraed - Antarctica)

On the back cover of Swimsuit Illustrated for five years running, we have Miss Green. Created by  BBDO New York, USA Via - Ads of the World™

Ana Makes Video Games Come Alive

Ana Petree Garcia   has a rather unique hobby/business, where she makes blankets and throws imprinted with classic video game screens. If you want information on pricing, and availability I suggested click the link above and heading over to the online shop.  Check out some of her great designs... Here are some of her throws and some of her blankets Via - NerdApproved