Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ad: Mini & SPCA (Free Dog With Every Car)

While the successful MINI Driving Dogs campaign was running, we wanted to give all the other SPCA animals a chance to drive too. So we gave newly adopted puppies a free car which they could drive home in. OK, it wasn’t really a car, but it looked just like one. We created a special carry box shaped just like a MINI. With a convertible roof the box also transformed into a dog bed where puppies could happily spend the first 8 weeks of their lives. The MINI-box was available in three authentic MINI colours to suit your pet and your personality. And like all MINIs, new owners had the option to customise with an alphabetic sticker sheet to create a personalised license plate. It was also accompanied by an owner’s manual. Thanks to MINI, all dogs had the opportunity to drive.


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