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Powerblade GTR110

Rollerblade has teamed up, to develop Gravitational Torque (GT) Technology. GT displaces pressure through the middle of the skate, enhances the center of gravity and positions the body for maximum torque resulting in substantial benefits such as improved power transfer, response, speed and efficiency. The frame and wheels are mounted to the central fixation point on the boot, which drives the power directly to the middle of the skate. This is beneficial to the skating experience because gravitational torque optimizes efficiency for all types of strides at top speed, constant speed and cornering or carving . Via - The Awesomer

Today I Bring You EVERYTHING

From Lernert & Sander comes 'Everything', the larger than life size vile of perfume, created from almost 1,400 vile's of sample perfumes. If you ask me, they should have called this the 'A Little Bit Of Everything', but they never asked. In case you were wondering, that's 1.5 liters of perfume. Everything. from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo . A perfume by Lernert & Sander Everything is a perfume by Lernert & Sander consisting of all fragrances launched in 2012. Over the last year Lernert & Sander collected almost 1400 samples of newly launched fragrances. By mixing the content of all of these bottles, they created 1.5 liter of Everything. This unique perfume comes in a specially designed and hand blown bottle, an enlargement of a classic sample bottle. From March 1st to 9th, the bottle will be showcased at Colette, 213 Rue St-Honoré in Paris. Visitors will have the rare chance to try it. Concept & Design: Lernert & Sander Producer: Ma

Classic Match Foosball

Another novel creation from New Potato Technologies is the Classic Match Foosball attachment for the iPad. I've featured other New Potato Technologies products in the past, but this one just might be my favorite. You see I just love playing foosball, and I have my very own foosball table at home, yet do to it's large footprint,  95% of the time my foosball table is hidden under a bunch unfinished projects. Well the classic match foosball solves that problem, by converting an iPad into a foosball table. With a realistic foosball experience, the classic match, incorporates both the classic foosball layout as well as alternate layouts, playfields, and foosmen. Working 2 axis control bars, real scoring markers add excitement for 1-4 players. For more information on the Classic Match Foosball attachment, check out New Potato Technologies. Via - CoolThings

Hastings Community Association

Those of you that come to my blog on a daily basis, may have noticed a decline in content over the past few weeks. The reason for the lack of consistency, is that I've been spending a huge part of my time volunteering, on the Hastings Community Associations board of directors. I've been going to all kinds of meeting, and just haven't had the time needed to make blog posts, that are up to my standards. So be patient, until things settle back down to normal

2013 Canadian Gran Prix Weekend

Formula 1 comes to Montreal, Canada this weekend for the 2013 Canadian Gran Prix!

Ad: 1010 Tires (Tire Tread Business Card)

Some industries just lend themselves to creative advertising. At Canadian  their business cards do more than just give company information. Their dual purpose business cards can also be used as a tire tread depth gauge, informing you when it's time to change those tires. Advertising Agency: Spring, Canada Via - Ads of the World™

8-Bitty Controller

If you're into retro gaming emulation, then you're going to love the 8-bitty. Based on classic retro gaming design, the 8-bitty incorporates modern technology, like Bluetooth, to bring retro gaming feel to modern tablets and smartphone. Product Features: Classic retro-styled game controller fits in your pocket and works with iPhone & iPad 8 button control including 4 face buttons, select, start, and two shoulder buttons... plus the D-Pad for movement Wireless Bluetooth® connection with auto power save mode Mini version of larger size iCade cabinet invented and designed by ThinkGeek Fully compatible with all iCade games Completely open development platform. App developers can add support for iCade with no permission needed from Apple or ThinkGeek. (See links for code examples below). "Atari Greatest Hits" iPad App ready to go with the iCADE, including support for over 100 classic Atari games. Atari App comes with Missile Command for free, other games available for