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Grant Thompson Presents '10 Summer Life Hacks'

Grant Thompson Presents '10 Summer Life Hacks' Via - TheAwesomer

FOX Racing Rocks!

Growing up I was fortunate to have a father who wasn't afraid to throw their child on a motorcycle and let them go. This must have been where my fascination for adrenaline began. During my youth it seemed like we were out every other weekend camping, fishing, and most importantly dirt biking (which is what moto-cross used to be called). One of the leading makers of MX apparel during those early years was Fox Racing, and I've always had an infinity towards this brand.  As we grow up things change, and my desire to camp, fish, and dirt bike was replaced by other sports and activities. As an avid BMX-Flatland/Vert and Mountain Bike rider I continued seeking the elusive adrenaline rush all the while staying safe by wearing  apparel and gear from a various manufacturers. Recently Fox Racing has expanded their product line into other sport genres (like BMX and MTB), and I've slowly gone back to the name I've always known and trusted. Recently my faith in Fox Racing was tested

Haro BMX - Japan Tour

I think the title says it all... Check out the new Vans/Haro line .

Ad: The Comic Shop (Sounds)

By taking sounds, as they would be seen in a comic book, and applying them to everyday things, we get a rather clever guerrilla marketing campaign that properly promotes a comic shop.  What makes this campaign all the more special, to me at least, is that it hails from Vancouver, Canada. Advertising Agency: Spring Advertising, Vancouver, Canada Via - I Believe in Advertising

3 Years Old

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of this site. Wow, where did the time go? Thanks to everyone that frequents this site.

MacAskill’s Imaginate


Wondermade Marshmallows

Wondermade makes handcrafted marshmallows in some rather interesting flavours (check out there site for a current list of flavours). But in my opinion, and that's what counts around here, the most interesting has got to be their bourbon flavour marshmallows. At $7.50(US) for a box of 16, you probably aren't going to be using these to make rice krispie treats, but then again, maybe that's exactly what you'd be using them for. I'm sure sitting around the campfire making smores would be much more interesting as well. Via - Uncrate

Ad: FATZ Restaurants (Antenna Kabobs)

FATZ restaurants came up with a brilliant guerrilla marketing campaign. They created a replica 'Grilled Shrimp & Veggie' kabob with a $5 coupon to their restaurant. They then went out and proceeded to place these kabobs on vehicles in the surrounding area. Advertising Agency: The Zimmerman Agency, Tallahassee, Florida, USA Via - Ads of the World™

Move Over Segway

With a quick glance you can obviously tell that the Qugo is slightly different from a Segway. With it's three wheeled approach to personal transportation, the Qugo employs a front wheel drive system which assures smooth, silent and eco-friendly driving performance, remarkable acceleration and a top cruising speed of 25 km/h (no safety helmet required in most countries). Via - LikeCool

Ad: E-Mart (Sale Navigation)

If Emart's new Sale Navigation catches on, we'll all have to say goodbye to the yellow highlight marker. Korea's #1 retailer, Emart, has introduced a sales navigation software app that allows shoppers too find mark down and sales items. No more need for flyers, or yellow highlighted labels because the app will bring you right to the product, and shine a light on it.  Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, South Korea Via - Ads of the World™

Michonne’s Pet Zombie Is Money

For all you Walking Dead fans, let me present the Michonne's Pet Zombie bank. Made from durable vinyl, this zombie bank stands 8 inches tall and retails for $19.99. While unavailable until August 2013, you can pre-order your's today from Entertainment Earth .