Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Halloween 2013 - Pumpkin Carving: How To

Pumpkins have made their way into our supermarkets, so that only means one thing... 
Pumpkin Carving Season!
Now not much has changed from my last series on pumpkin carving, but I figured why not update things a bit. 
So here we go.
To start we need to get the basics of pumpkin carving established.
Now when I carve pumpkins I use a series of mini screwdrivers (the kind used to repair watches), and a few different sized knives. Now I'm sure there are many different approaches to carving pumpkins, and I'm no expert so use whatever instruments work best for you.
Here are some basic instructions on pumpkin carving
  1. Select and print a template, size it so it fits well on your pumpkin (might take a few tries).
  2. Use toothpicks or tape to pin the template to your pumpkin.
  3. Using something sharp and pointy to poke holes along the template outline.
  4. Remove the template and using a knife connect all the holes.
  5. Remove peices of pumkin as you go.
It takes some getting used to but with some practice you'll be creating awesome Jack-o-Lanterns


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