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  Awesome video, check it out... Via - Snotr

The World Is Flat: Trondheim, Norway

A group of BMX Flatland riders in Trondheim Norway battle the nordic winter in an underground skatepark. Learn about their scene and how they keep flatland scene crackin' in Norway. Riders include: Marius Holm, Thomas Westgard, Roger Brandtzaeg, Audun Kollstad,

The World Is Flat: Neon Love (Flatland Style)

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Fail: October 2013

The Coin

Now this is fricken cool! I can't wait till 'Coin' becomes available, but I think I'll hold off pre-ordering (damm you Kickstart/OUYA for such a bad experience). Via - Highsnobiety

Ad: Turkcell: A Spy Mission Game

Turkcell is the leading mobile phone operator of Turkey, based in Istanbul. The company has 34.4 million subscribers as of September 30, 2011 Advertising Agency: Nerdworking, Istanbul, Turkey Via - Ads of the World™

Motor-mountain-cycle? Greyp G12

While people have been adapting motors onto bicycles for years (have one myself), usually the bicycles become heavy, off-balanced, and rather clumsy. The genius behind the Greyp (Grape) G12 is that it claims to eliminate all the drawbacks of adding a motor to a bicycle.  Now the real problem is what do we call it?? Via -

Gymkhana Six

Not much to say... Via - The Awesomer

dose Interview: Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham

This is a great interview... Via -

Can't Grow A Stash? Mr. Chocolate's Got You Covered

It's Movember , and while many of you are growing out your moustaches to raise awareness of male cancers. For those who still want to show support, or have a chocolate addiction, I present Mr. Chocolate. Available in 6 different flavor options (Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Orange and White chocolate) in 4 different styles which gives you 24 imaginative and yummy ways to sport (and eat) a new 'stache. For more information check out 'If It's Hip, It's Here' , for a great article and tons of great pictures. Mr. Chocolate is available online through 'The Chocolate Factory'