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Lowrider Cruiser

I have to admit, I'm not that big on the whole lowrider bicycle scene. With that said, I also have to go on record by saying I think this woody beach cruiser is awesome, now this is a project I could totally get into! Dutch designer jurgen kuipers has conceived a custom made beech plywood frame. constructed out of wooden panels, the bike also comes available as a scale 1:1 model kit - with all the required parts to make it fully functional. the components come in a box like an injection molded sprue for model cars, where they can then be cut out and put together.  If anyone find plans even remotely similar to build this, please email them to me! Via - LikeCool

The World Is Flat: Omegna (VB), Italy

Bmx Flatland @ Summer Lake Party

The World Is Flat: (Bangkok ?),Thailand

BMX Flatland by Neung NON

The World Is Flat: Kobe, Japan

Flatland World Circuit 2013 Final In KOBE

Red Bull Urban Rhythm

The rain couldn't stop the athletes and artists from turning downtown Houston into their playground haven tonight at Red Bull Urban Rhythm. Hucker and GONZO247's collaboration to create a one-of-a-kind street art BMX track came to life as the athlete's took to riding the course after the storm. The crew of athletes and builders came together to clear the water from the track after the rain affected the features. Sweat and hard work paid off as the team was able to dry the course off and make it safe again to ride. The clouds parted just in time as an excited local crowd packed in

Red Bull Performance Camp Highlights

The Red Bull BMX Team gets some coaching at Joyride 150 Bike Park. Watch at Drew Bezanson, Mike "Hucker" Clark, Daniel Dhers, Corey Bohan, Anthony Napolitan, Daniel Sandoval, Tyler Fernengel and Anthony Perrin have some fun on the ramps, foam pits, and trampolines.

Cleaning Out The Vault

Over the next few days/weeks, I'll be cleaning out old articles left in the vault! No particular order or preference...\

Ad: Delhi Police (Bad News Bag)

In an effort to reduce drunk driving on New Years Eve, the Delhi Police (India) came up with the 'Bad News Bag', a bag used by liquor vendors that had tragic drunk driving articles from previous new years eves. Credit for the success of the 'Bad News Bag' campaign goes to advertising agency Eleven Brandworks (Gurgaon, India) Via - I Believe in Advertising

Specialized S-Works x McLaren Venge Bike

Introducing the 'Venge' , the by product when industry leaders from two different fields come together.  A dominant force in F1 racing for close to 50 years,  McLaren represents the pinnacle of engineering and aerodynamics.  Since the 1970's Specialized has taken the art of bicycle building to new standards, evolving all forms of cycling to new levels. While the Venge is probably only going to appeal to the serious rider, those who want more information can check it all out here . Via - Uncrate

A Season Of Giving: The Servants Of Hope Society

Are you hoping to be on the nice list this year?  Are you in need of some karmic realignment? Well I have a solution... The Servants of Hope Society's  8th Annual Feeding The Homeless at Christmas Do some good for you're fellow man, and sign up to feed the homeless. For those that can't make it out, why not make a donation. Ok, so it's not exactly happening on Christmas day but putting on an event like this is no joke. It takes  commitment, and for 8 years the servants of hope have been up to the task. I've known Sean, a SOHS director, for a number of years and I'm always inspired by what this group is able to achieve ( click here to see first hand what they do ).  So I've been asked to help get the word out, and that's just what I'm going to do, so why not help Sean and the SOHS out by dedicating some time to help feed the homeless, or you could offer up to donate supplies or make a cash donation, whatever you can offer will definitely help. You can

A Season Of Giving: VSL Tree Lot

When I agreed to assist the Vancouver South Lions during their annual Christmas Tree sale, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. Braving the bitter cold, and doing manual labour generally aren't my ideas of a good time, however I must say I've been having a great time (not that it shows in the above picture, I'm in the middle). I never realized how excited families get when selecting a Christmas Tree, and being able to assist, was instant gratification for me. Now I can go on about all the great things that the Vancouver South Lions Club does with the money raised, instead I'll just give you a link to follow ( ). So if you haven't picked up a tree yet, then make your way over to the VSL Christmas Tree lot and support a great organization, and a tremendous group of volunteers. These guys and gals really know their stuff, and they should, they've been doing it for 59 years. I want to say a special thanks to the volunteers th

The World Is Flat: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion, busting out some flatland.  Just one left on sale for $45 on AMAZON , when thats gone check out this  AMAZON link .

Ad: Jens Lennartsson's Resume

At first glance many of you might be wondering what new superhero action figure is this? Well it's Jens Lennartsson, Travel & Lifestyle Photographer, and this isn't actually an action figure per say but a rather cool resume or maybe it's a CV? The back of the box cleverly displays some vital hiring information! While inside is a pamphlet illustrating some of Jens work. Check out the GI Jens unwrapping video... Like this idea? Check out the making of GI Jens video... Via - Core77